Monday, July 28, 2008

Google and John Edwards “tryst” or “trust”

Last Thursday, July 24, I published Is it John Edwards “tryst” or “trust,” Google asks?

The short of it: When I searched Google using the entry words – John Edwards tryst – Google, along with returning some hits, asked: Did you mean - John Edwards trust (all emphasis Google’s).

In the circumstances, I could only smile.

Today at 10:45 AM I went to Google and again searched using – John Edwards tryst.

Guess what?

Yes, Google again asked: Did you mean – John Edwards trust

Then I looked at the first hit returned.

It was John In Carolina: Is it John Edwards “tryst” or “trust,” Google asks?

So goes the world of Google.

If you want to check "what's happening now," here's the link to the entry.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a contest is in order.
1. Which msm will be the first (NBC, CBS, or ABC) to pickup on the story?
2. When will they report it?

I am betting on NBC and Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Fox picked it up last week.

Anonymous said...


FYI John

World ignores good news on climate change

Last week one of the world's leading climate experts announced new research that could change our understanding of global warming and suggests we can stop worrying about climate change. Strangely, this wonderful development has been ignored by the media. Here are the details.

Roy W Spencer made the announcement when he gave testimony before the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on 22 July 2008. He has a PhD in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has been
involved in global warming research for close to twenty years. He has numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles dealing with the measurement and interpretation of climate variability and climate change. He is Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the U.S. Science Team Leader for the AMSR-E instrument flying on NASA's Aqua satellite. Data obtained from Aqua is the basis for much of the following.

Here are excerpts from his full testimony.

"Regarding the currently popular theory that mankind is responsible for global warming, I am very pleased to deliver good news from the front lines of climate change research. Our latest research results, which I am about to describe, could have an enormous impact on policy decisions regarding greenhouse gas emissions. ... we now have new satellite evidence which strongly suggests that the climate system is much less sensitive than is claimed by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)."

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the upshot of this is that Edwards is, as he always should have been, absolutely irrelevant. Should he ever resurface as a serious candidate, nominee, etc. this will surely be widely discussed, msm bias or not.

Anonymous said...

That settles the great Edwards MSM contest.

How about THIS for a contest?

Does the American flag belong in church?
Our allegiance belongs to God, not state power.
By Becky Akers

from the July 28, 2008 edition

New York - I've attended church weekly all my life, and virtually every congregation with whom I've worshipped displays an American flag. It often stands close to the communion table, probably a church's most sacred spot. Some denominations even recite the Pledge of Allegiance – multiple times. One church I visited in the Midwest began Sunday School with the Pledge but apparently lacked faith it would stick. We interrupted morning worship with another recitation.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:12

Yes, Fox did report last week but the msm do not consider Fox of their caliber (I am not saying I agree with that assessment) rather they woould rate Fox somewhere lower than THe Enquirer. Therefore, my question still remains - who and when?

reunionpi said...

Rielle Hunter of the John Edwards story: The $9,644 judgment and the attorney ex

Anonymous said...

Ironic the the other networks would not consider Fox up to their caliber. They are the only one of the bunch who are even remotely trustworthy.