Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is it John Edwards “tryst” or “trust,” Google asks?

I searched Google at 11 PM ET on July 24 using the entry words – john edwards tryst.

Google responded with some hits, but also asked: Did you mean – john Edwards trust (emphasis Google’s)

It's likely Edwards' back-pocket newspaper, the McClatchy Company’s Raleigh N & O, is searching for anything about him it can link to “trust.” So the N&O will appreciate Google's suggestion of "trust."

The N&O knows it may be forced to finally report on it’s favorite millionaire “poverty fighter’s” tryst July 21 at LA’s Beverly Hilton Hotel with filmmaker Rielle Hunter. (See posts here and here)

It wants anything it can find to "soften" the story.

But I entered – john Edwards tryst – because this afternoon I posted: NE’s Edwards-Hunter tryst story’s verifiable.

My post has nothing to do with trust unless you mean trust given by Edwards wife and children, and trust given by at least some of his liberal/leftist supporters he's been telling for years how much his wife, marriage and children mean to him.

But I doubt Google was thinking of any of that?

Whatever the case with Google, when will McClatchy’s Raleigh N&O finally report on Edwards' T-R-Y-S-T at LA’s Beverly Hilton Hotel?

My prediction is not until the N&O knows Edwards is about to be forced to make some kind of public statement that acknowledges at least some of the details of his tryst.

Trust me on that.

Now it's your turn.


Anonymous said...

One can only hope that while John Edwards is a sleaze-bag ambulance chaser, his personal life is not so ethically challenged. However as you and others have mentioned, the fact that the National Enquirer has named people who saw Edwards at the hotel and witnessed his evasive actions gives more than passing credibility to the reporting since it would be very easy to sue those quoted. A cheating spouse is bad enough but to cheat when one's better half is sick is a whole other level of scummy behavior. Much as I do not care for Edwards, I hope that the report of an extra-marital affair and love child are wrong.

Anonymous said...

So far, I haven't seen any mention of The Breck Girl's love child or his tryst reported in my local major daily The Virginian-Pilot. Looks like MSM has determined the incident not to be news. You can bet your bottom dollar if a Republican or conservative Democrat were involved in the same way, it would be banner headlines above the fold on page one.

Oh, now I see why it wasn't newsworthy. Saint Obama was saving the world in Berlin so nothing else mattered. Silly me.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

The report will be accurate.
Bet on that.
I have always gotten the impression that Edwards is scummy and artificial. Never understood his appeal.