Friday, July 25, 2008

If the Enquirer weren’t a hundred percent confident

At his eponymous blog Roger L. Simon, novelist and a 1989 Academy Award winner for his screen writing of Isaac Singer’s Enemies, A Love Story begins - - -

I wasn’t keen on blogging more on the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter Affair (her real name is Lisa Druck, by the way… then Lisa Hunter… her father-in-law was attorney Alex Hunter of Boulder fame) - gossip isn’t my thing (though I enjoy it like the rest of the world).

But since the Los Angeles Times is now forbidding its bloggers from talking, I now thought I’d say a bit more…. especially since the National Enquirer is filing a criminal complaint against the Beverly Hilton and its security force for manhandling the paper’s reporters.

If the Enquirer weren’t a hundred percent confident that Edwards was at the hotel with Rielle, I doubt they’d be going to the law.

Is this news? The mainstream media seems to think not.

They hide behind professionalism, whatever that means, when the extent of their bias has been documented everywhere. It’s beyond comic. It makes you yearn for the days when reporters were grunts with a high school education.

They were more honest. (emphasis added)

Edwards was a candidate for vice president of the United States and, until very recently, a candidate for president. He was also being bandied about, quite recently in Newsweek, among other places, as a candidate for vice president once again, a heart beat away, as they say.

Normally that would be more than enough. So enough said.

. . .


Enough said, indeed.

MSM news organizations say when they charge us subscription money and charge advertisers who pass their costs on to us, it’s all in the name of “getting the truth out to you.”

I believe some journalists work to do that; and so do some print publications and voice media.

But does anyone want to argue that “getting the truth out” to us is the prime goal of most MSM?

Simon’s entire post’s here.


bill anderson said...

Gee, is someone protecting that ambulance chaser fraud John Edwards?

Actually, the LA Times and the other papers have been scooped big time, and their response is to pretend it did not happen.

Anonymous said...

"But does anyone want to argue that “getting the truth out” to us is the prime goal of most MSM?"

Good one! “getting the truth out” "MSM" Hahahahaha

Time Warner, Disney, The Mogul From Oz, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS) -- now control most of the media industry in the U.S. General Electric's NBC is a close sixth.


Anonymous said...

I don't expect Edwards will get much criticism from the Progressive Democrats. After all, they were prefectly willing to have their president fellated by a subordinate employee in the People's executive oval office. And Barney Frank had a gay whorehouse being run out of his home. I think it would be quite appropriate to have an adulterer serve as his party's candidate for the vice presidency. I'm beginning to see why the French love our Democrats--they're so much alike.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Tarheel Hawkeye,

What about the "Progressives" criticizing that the pregnancy did not end in abortion? Can you see that argument?

Anonymous said...

To the 5.52:
I'd be happy to reply if I could make sense of your question. It was a question, wasn't it?
Tarheel Hawkeye