Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Duke Rogues Gallery Revisited

Journalist Stuart Taylor was one of the first of his profession to get the Duke Hoax and the criminal frame-up attempt right.

He was also quick to recognize Duke's abandonment of the lacrosse players and its enablement of the now disbarred and disgraced Mike Nifong.

He was never been fooled by Duke President Richard Brodhead's after the fact excused about how confusing it all was when "the facts kept changing."

With all that in mind, I invite you to take a look at a column he published on May 22, 2006 just a few days after Nifong and certain Durham police officers, having suppressed exculpatory evidence and manufactured bogus "evidence" arranged the indictment of David Evans who they knew to be innocent.

If you read the column about what Taylor called the Duke Rogues Gallery, I think you'll agree everyone in it earned their places.

But "walking through the gallery" today, are there people you feel are not Duke people "in there who belong there?"

What do you say?

The column's here.


Anonymous said...

There are some obvious people who are still at Duke or who have left that stand out as obvious members of the Rogues Gallery - Dean Sue Wausiolek, Larry Moneta, and Joe Alleva. Then there is everyone's favorite Bob Steele - but I would also add the remaining members of the BOT who were too spineless to stand up and be counted. Richard Brodhead erns a front and centre place on the masthead as well. Frankly, I would also add any member of the faculty who was so willing to rush to judgement and who engaged in defamation, pot banging vigils, or grade changing. The list could go on and on. Then there should be a supplemental list which would include those in the Durham police department, the prosecutors office (besides of course the chief - Nifong), Meehan, and the members of the DUMC who did not do their jobs as they are laid out in the procedural manual. Tnen we can go on to name the judges who were in the prosecutor's pocket, the msm who were so willing to convict, the NAACP leadership in Durham (as well as nationally) who saw this as an opportunity to riase their profile and then also, thw two clowns of perceived racism - the Revs. Sharpton and Jackson. I am sure that I am missing more but there is a start of a list - perhaps one should post a picture of them like the wanted poster that was so prominently displayed on the Duke campus during the height of the hoax.

Anonymous said...

Another name to add to the list - Deputy General Counsel for Duke Kate Hendricks - liestoppers have unearthed her role in the A. Giuliani case as well as her role in the key cards of the Duke lax players.