Friday, July 25, 2008

Jon Ham reacts to Obama’s Berlin speech

Many JinC Regulars know blogger and former journalist Jon Ham thanks to his his excellent commentary on the Duke hoax and frame-up attempt.

Jon had a front row seat for all of that. He’s a former editor of the Durham Herald Sun (back when it was a respected community newspaper) who lives in Trinity Park near the house where the lacrosse party was held.

He wasn’t in Berlin yesterday, but he offers Observations on Obama’s Berlin speech. His post begins:

1. The two biggest applause lines were about ending the war in Iraq and cutting the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere.

2. It was nice that he spent so much time explaining what the Berlin Airlift was. I bet a lot of those people didn’t know all that.

3. If you want to make eye contact with Barack Obama don’t stand in the center of the audience. Because he’s so dependent on the TelePrompters, he never, and I mean never, looks straight ahead.

The rest of Jon's observations are here.

Right Ankles is always worth visiting.


Anonymous said...

When Geraldine Ferraro pointed out that Saint Obama wouldn't be a serious candidate if he weren't Black, she was roundly criticized by Saint Obama's campaign flacks as a "racist." Her point was an excellent one. If a White junior senator whose background had been a state senator and a community organizer attempted to break into the primaries, the laughter would have been deafening. In the case of Saint Obama no Democrat except Hilarious Clinton had the temerity to point out that he was utterly unqualified for the office of the presidency (never mind that Hilarious claimed her two terms as first lady qualified her). We are now seeing just how amateurish is the Wunderkind. That speech in Berlin was the epitome of a high school valedictory address--full of feel-good boilerplate and signifying absolutely nothing. Jon Ham has Saint Obama nailed. The naive followers of His Holiness can't seem to understand the emperor is not only naked, but pretty foolish as well.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

David Brooks has a scathing column about the Berlin caper in the NYT.