Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pump ad is McCain's best to date

I think The Pump as McCain's best one to date. Take a look at it (30 seconds) and see what you think. Below the ad I explain why I think it will be effective

This ad catches your attention not with a "shout," but with the pump image and a reminder "some in Washington are still saying no to drilling in America. No to independence from foreign oil."

That's followed with: "Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?"

If the ad had stopped there, it would still be very effective because by that point its gotten people thinking about a question Americans are worried about and to which most of them think Obama and the Dems are offering the wrong answer.

With "Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?" the ad's "teed it up" for Americans watching to say to themselves: "Obama and the Dems oppose more offshore drilling."

With a photo of Obama and the "Obama, Obama, Obama!" chants in the background, the ad immediately tells viewers they're right.

The ad's creators couldn't have come up with a more effective way of both highlighting Obama's opposition to offshore drilling and turning the orchestrated chanting at his carefully staged rallies to use against him.

The ad than uses a blackout moment to transistion to the positive, solution-focused, McCain-admiring remainder of the ad.

Obama and the Dems "in Washington ... still saying no to drilling in America" are left behind. We now see the attractive, heroic image of McCain who "knows we must now drill more in America and rescue our family budgets."

That's immediately followed by: "Don't hope for more energy, vote for it. McCain."

The final image of a thin gold bar with a star in the center reminded me - as I'm sure it was intended to do - of McCain's military service.

All things considered, I think The Pump is McCain's best ad to date.

What do you think?

Hat tip: AC


Anonymous said...

Somebody finally convinced McCain that he has to take it to Saint Obama directly and personally. I hope it's not too little too late.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

I guess its a good piece if you think making stupid statements is what we should expect from a president.

There are many reasons why fuel prices are where they are, and caused by both sides of the aisle. More drilling is hardly the answer, in neither the short nor long term.

This one doesn't pass the laugh test for honesty.

Anonymous said...

Right John, they found attractive photos of John McCain. I cannot honestly say that this is a good ad, though attractive photos of McCain are a good find.

Now, I am not stating my core beliefs below John, I am regurgitating the most popular perceptions. Consider the latest huge scandal - a news paper refused to print a McCain essay consisting of McCain's standard rhetoric about Iraq as a counter point to Obama's PLAN for Iraq. Where's the meat? Who in the blogosphere, or TV, is talking about what, if any, differences exist between the Obama and McCain PLAN for Iraq? So McCain's PLAN is to win - well? It's going to come down to a beauty contest, if Bush allows the election to happen at all - another popular belief. The RepubliSharks do not have a chance in November. They had their chance the last eight years and blew it all to hell.

True: The DemoCrips do not want to drill.
The RepubliSharks want to drill now. No drill = no relief on foreign oil.

False: Drilling tomorrow will save American families money at the pump right away.

True: High gas prices are due to our wars, inflation, and all of that included in the banksters (rhymes with gangsters) bail outs. And MORE! The perception of most Americans is that the elephant in the room is the GOP, AKA the War Party. Making peace will drive down gas prices. There are show trials gearing up in Washington DC to pin our economic woes on capitalists.

False: We can have wars with oil producing nations and cheap gas, if only we would drill now.

True: We need to drill for oil. Where have the RepubliSharks been all these years? Why didn't they drill when they had the White House and Congress?

False: It's all Obama's fault.

True: Over 70% of the American people think we should bring our troops home, not bomb Iran, and not take sides on the Israel/Paleatinian/Iran/Middle East issues. The American people will not send their children to fight to make the world safe for Israel's hawks, American ChickenHawks, and Neo-conseratives.

False: Naked statism, shoving patriotic rhetoric down Americans' throats, violations of civil rights, will change opinions of the majority to support the War Party. We can borrow and print money forever. We can give welfare to everyone.

True: The DemoCrips have every intention of doing the unspeakable, just like the RepubliSharks.
The DemoCrips appear to have a velvet glove. The RepubliSharks have John McCain and the perception that he is a warrior and will deliver four more years of King Bush.

Finally, this IS one of my beliefs - the government should be afraid of the people, the people shouldn't be afraid of their government. Who in the heck came up with that one? It's GOOD!

Anonymous said...

John, I like the ad. The ending, especially.

I HOPE I win the lottery, but it's WORK that puts food on the table.

Anonymous said...

John -

They have to keep running that ad over and over again. It is terrific.

To anon at 3:27 PM. More drilling may be the answer (along with a host of other policy changes). At a minimum, though, let's not put up road blocks to drilling. Let the oil companies drill where they want because they are the ones best equipped to find oil, not some lawyer-type in the Congress. If it's not worth drilling the oil companies won't drill, and if it is they will. Right now, they are stymied by artificial barriers that do not have to exist. A major problem we face today is that three formerly large oil producers -- Iran, Venezuela and Nigeria -- are experiencing either stagnant or declining production. In the case of the first two, it's because they have frightened away Western investment and the technology it brings; and in Nigeria's case, its because it is a country in perpetual turmoil. Throw into the mix the ravenous appetites of China and India for oil as well. So, by all means, let's drill. More oil output on the world scene would not hurt and would certainly help matters along.

Jack in Silver Spring