Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hartford Courant: Edwards' "serpentine" tryst

Ever so slowly the Dem-dominated MSM’s “wall of silence” protecting former Sen. John (Beverly Hilton tryst with Reille Hunter) Edwards is beginning to crumble.

Today Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie tells readers “Know You Know.” [excerpts] - - -

… Early last week, [National] Enquirer reporters observed Edwards skulking his way into the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they heard he was to rendezvous with the mother of his new baby.

Edwards serpentined around the hotel, before reaching the rooms where both his alleged paramour and baby were staying, according to the Enquirer, which appears to have had a platoon of reporters in strategic spots.

Edwards probably thought he would not be noticed when he left at 2:30 in the morning, so he alighted upon the lobby from an elevator. Reporters greeted him when he stepped out.

The former presidential aspirant and vice presidential nominee took refuge in a men's room until hotel security could escort him out and block the five reporters who wanted a few words with him.

Edwards later issued a brief statement criticizing the tabloids. (It was only a very brief statement dismissive of “tabloids” in general. Edwards said nothing specific such as “I was never at the hotel that night,” or “I just ducked in to use the men’s room and grab some mints from the registration desk” - - - JinC)

He didn't address the love child story, though it was the right time to deny it if it isn't true. Whether it's true or not, his behavior was bizarre for a potential attorney general. (And, if true as I’m convinced it is, the tryst put Edwards at great risk of blackmail. - - JinC)

Edwards has been mentioned now and then as a possible running-mate again this year. He would be a serious contender for a hefty spot in an Obama administration. He made his marriage and his devotion to his ailing wife, who made many sacrifices for him, a central point in his 2008 presidential campaign.

The big media enterprises have so far ignored the John Edwards story told by the Enquirer. It's become widely known beyond the Enquirer's 1 million readers, however, through the online Drudge Report. (And blogs, Slate, Fox News, and today, Sunday, July 27 major stories in The Times of London and The Independent with other British newspapers expected to publish on it tomorrow. - - JinC)

Rennie’s entire column’s here.

Rennie is not your typical MSM journalist. He’s an attorney who’s the former chairman of Connecticut’s Republican State Committee.

Hats off to him for doing his part to get this most important story out there.


Anonymous said...

John -

[Somewhat off topic.] While I was doing grocery shopping with my wife, I observed that the front page of the National Enquirer had something about St. Barack and his wife having had some kind of major row. Do you, or any of the readers here, know anything about that?

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

"He made his marriage and his devotion to his ailing wife, who made many sacrifices for him, a central point in his 2008 presidential campaign."

This is hard to swallow. If devoted to his ailing wife, he would have taken himself out. She has Stage 4 cancer and is incurable. Odds are against her living more than five years yet he was going to spend the next five years doing the most absorbing thing imaginable -- running for and serving as President of the US. Let's not forget he has small children, also.

Clearly, family is not the center of his life. This affair business, if true, fits the pattern of disregard for his wife and children.