Friday, August 01, 2008

Edwards - Hunter 3-minute video

An Anon commenter sent a link to a Death By 1000 Cuts video which it says covers the "entire John Edwards Love Child Scandal from October 2007 to July 2008 in 3 minutes."

It's extremely well done and IMO captures "the essential Edwards." It works cuts of Rielle Hunter speaking about Edwards into the swift-moving narrative. The satirical use made of that is devastating.

The video ends with a few graphics concerning MSM coverage of the affair and a challenging question for the news media.

And oh yes, you will hear a mirthful Edwards refer to Hunter as "camera girl."

Thanks to Anon for sending the link. And congratulations and thanks to Death By 1000 Cuts for an outstanding video on a very important matter.

Now I hope you all give the video a look.

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Scandal - video powered by Metacafe


Anonymous said...

Here's a funny video clip, a satire on the Edwards situation: "Sex Scandal When John Edwards Calls the Cheat Team"

AMac said...

In the video, when Edwards is at his press conference and makes his "No comment" comment on the Nat Enq, he's standing in front of a red banner. It bears the logo of ACORN, the housing-advocacy group that is one of the big winners in the bailout bill that Congress passed and Bush signed this week.

While ACORN is the darling of much of the hard left, it has a troubled history with respect to misappropriation of funds and voter-registration fraud.

This just emphasizes that Edwards is by his own free will a very public public person. He wants to have a hand in setting the national agenda on matters of great moral import. Examples here: the mortgage meltdown, foreclosures, the moral hazard of lenders and borrowers, federal funding of "nonpartisan" arms of left-wing political advocacy groups.

Yet while assigning responsibility is okey-dokey on matters like these... as regards to other things... not so much.

I understand that he feels this way. But why do reporters, editors, and publishers go along? The National Enquirer as the organization that's upholding journalistic standards!?

Anonymous said...

My sister asked me if I had heard about the Edwards story. Did I hear about it on the internet? I couldn't remember if I'd read about it first here or at Liestoppers or maybe heard about it on Rush.

Honestly, I would have missed it if it had only been reported by the MSM.