Sunday, July 27, 2008

All the Edwards news fit to boycott

John Hinderacker at Powerline - - -

I don't think we've written anything about the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story. It isn't really our beat.

As Roger Simon points out, however, the press's boycott of the story has become newsworthy in its own right, with the Los Angeles Times ordering its bloggers not to mention it. [There’s more to report on the LA Times’ Edwards’ news boycott since Simon posted. See LA Times’ CYA email follows gag order. - - JinC]

I also find it ironic (though hardly surprising) that the New York Times has yet to mention the Edwards/Hunter story. The contrast with its behavior vis-a-vis John McCain is obvious: in that case, the Times didn't just report on a baseless rumor about McCain, it actually started the rumor.

Given that Edwards is a former vice-presidential nominee, until recently a candidate for President, and currently, once again, a possible vice-presidential nominee, the paper's attitude toward the two stories can be reconciled only by the fact that [ Folks, is there anyone reading this – Dem, Ind, or Rep – who can’t correctly finish the sentence? - - - JinC]