Friday, August 01, 2008

Talking to Regulars and Commenters

( A post in the old web log tradition of “notes at the end of the day” meant for those familiar with the material. Don’t look for links in this one and be ready for something that looks like it got only a quick reread. If you’re OK with all of that, read on. - - - JinC)

There’s an awful lot on the comment threads I want to comment on or bring to the main page.

Thanks to all of you who are sending in heads-up.

I’ve posted on the video (3 minute history of Edwards-Hunter affair) but not posted on another video which appears to be one of the “Webisodes” which vanished from Edwards campaign site when the news of the affair first broke. I’ll post it later tonight.

Bob Wilson’s column has caught national attention, especially from journalists and news executives.

Jim Romenesko is a widely followed news media columnist and when he posted and linked it meant thousands of his readers would see Bob’s column.

Some of those readers have contacted me. I’ve had a number of conversation I’ll write about over the weekend.

Another outcome from Bob’s column is the possibility he’ll be a guest on Bill O’Rielly’s show early next week. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve also had a conversation with N&O exec editor for news John Drescher. It will take time to write that up and share it. I want to be fair to both of us.

I just tell you the foregoing to let you know why I’m running before the wind and not posting on some things I need to post on very soon – eg. – today’s N&O story on Edwards-Hunter.

A lot has happened regarding the bogus McCain-54 story which smeared ABC News & Raddatz. Look for a post on that tomorrow.

I've not posted this week on the Duke hoax, frame-up attempt and on-going cover-up. But I'll be back to it all very soon.

I finished reading the New Yorker article on Obama. I'll reread it and make notes this weekend. Then I'll post some comments I've not seen mentioned by anyone.

I’ve got to end now.

I’ll be back later tonight.

Thank you all who’ve made comments that are civil, thoughtful, critical but informed and in other ways contribute to this blog.

Often the best that's here is on the thread.



Anonymous said...

I really hope Bob Wilson will be on The Factor.

He is great and I really miss him from the days when The Herald Sun was a fair and balanced newspaper.

Not to mention, when it had people there who could actually write.

Anonymous said...

8/2/08 Over at DiW, Professor Johnson asserts for at least the 3rd time:

“Obama, the only presidential candidate to urge a DOJ criminal investigation of Nifong . . . “

I have googled several times and find no news media indication of this other than:

ABCNews in turn offers this as their source:
Obama's comments were first posted on "Liestoppers," an online blog and forum on the Duke Lacrosse case. The user who posted them, known on that forum by the alias "sceptical," was the constituent who corresponded with
Obama about the case.

Have you ever hear of any public comment by Senator Obama which supports the DiW assertion?

Anonymous said...

No I haven't and KC is wrong about that. He'd like to believe that Obama would have come out boldly in defense of the lacrosse players, but that is a fantasy.

Obama is showing signs of the far left. Do you think he would go against people like the 88 if he was in office?

And James Coleman is full of it as well. He tries to put it all on Nifong and will never criticize his colleagues. He played it both ways just like Obama would.

Obama never came out and stated anything in support of the lacrosse players. He just said something about checking up on Nifong. Big difference.

He did come out for some race baiting and in support of the thugs of the Jena 6.