Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Could McCain benefit from Obama’s trip?

Gallup’s Frank Newport and Jeffrey Jones say, “Several observations from the just-completed USA Today/Gallup poll suggest that this is a possibility.”

The explain why. It’s all here.

Hat tip: Realclearpolitics.com


Anonymous said...

John -

Thanks for the link. It was an interesting piece.

Jack in Silver Spring

JWM said...

To Jack,

Thanks for the comment.

I'll post by this weekend on my first McCain "town hall" meeting.

I viewed it on C-SPAN.

My take: I wonder why McCain's gotten all the MSM praise he has for those meetings, if what I saw was typical.

For example, when person after person started describing a situation as a lead-in to a question, McCain would look at the person.

But then, after 10 or 20 seconds, and while the person was still speaking, he'd turn his back and begin walking back to the center of the space from which he was speaking.

There's more.

I'll be interested to get your reaction and those of others.