Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Edwards’ “hometown” N&O continues tryst blackout

Former Sen. John Edwards calls the McClatchy Company’s liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer his “hometown” newspaper.

Other’s here in the Tar Heel State say the N&O's Edwards’ “back pocket newspaper.”

Among other things, the “back pocket” folks point to the N&O’s complete news blackout concerning John Edwards affair with his filmmaker friend Rielle Hunter. For more about that see this post - TIMES: "EDWARDS CAUGHT IN SEX SCANDAL" - which includes excerpts from an extensive, bylined Times of London story.

Yesterday in – Raleigh N&O's Edwards-Hunter news blackout – I reported a search of the N&O’s archives going back to Jan. 1, 2004 revealed the N&O has been totally silent about the affair a good deal of which has occurred within a few miles of Edwards Chapel Hill home and the N&O Chapel Hill office.

The archives search produced only one story mentioning Hunter, a little puff piece by Edwards-friendly political reporter Rob Christensen about “Webisodes” filmmaker Hunter made for then presidential nominee candidate Edwards.

Today I went to the N&O’s political blog, Under the Dome. The N&O touts it as the place North Carolinians should go for comprehensive, up to date, tell-it-like-it-is reporting.

I searched back through every Under the Dome post going back to July 21, 2008, the day before the National Enquirer broke the story of the latest public Edwards-Hunter “Webisode” - oops - I meant episode.

Nothing on the episode.

Yet between the July 22 NE publication and today a number of news organizations - including The Times of London, Fox News, the Hartford Courant and Slate – have reported and/or commented on the story.

But as of today at 3 PM ET you'll not find at Under the Dome or anywhere else a mention of that story in John Edwards’ “back pocket” newspaper which circulates in his hometown.


Anonymous said...

John -

As of this afternoon (7/29) Wikipedia had nothing on it as well.

Jack in Silver Spring