Friday, August 01, 2008

Some thoughts about Elizabeth Edwards

In reporting and commenting on various aspects of the Edwards-Hunter affair, I’ve given most attention to the reluctance of the liberal MSM to cover it and the fact that left unreported by media and unexplained by Edwards, the affair leaves him vulnerable to blackmailers.

Among many aspects of the story I’ve ignored or barely mentioned is anything having to do with Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth.

But I want to share some thoughts about her today in connection with the currently unfolding story.

Many of those reporting and/or commenting on the story mention that Elizabeth Edwards has cancer, something she’s discussed publicly. Then some go on to say, “She’s dying.”

Well, so are we all. It’s just that some of us will go sooner than others.

Among those making the “quickest exits” will be some who are very healthy right now or at least think they are. But they won’t last the day.

Others, including those battling various forms of cancer - even ones considered incurable - will be here for quite a while, and do much that is good and important.

I don’t know the current state of Elizabeth Edwards’ health. Whatever it is, we can all be sure she’s facing a lot right now.

I wish her well and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers, as I'm sure almost all of you will, too.



Anonymous said...

My sympathy is with anyone battling cancer. But how could she stand to be intimate with an ambulance-chasing shyster who got his millions by bilking medical insurance companies and bankrupting doctors? Watching her hypocrite husband channeling unborn fetuses must have caused the jurors to lose their marbles.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

This story is tragic for Mrs. Edwards on many levels. She must be hurting for her children more so than herself. From all accounts she is in relatively good health right now and like many other situations involving the Edwards campaign, she seems to be able to stand up to the pressures. I wish her well. For all we know Elizabeth Edwards may have been the first to know this story, not the last. When push comes to shove, she will pull the "stand by your man" act.

As for John Edwards, he perhaps rivals Bill Clinton as the all time biggest slimeball in Democrat politics.