Saturday, October 18, 2008

Responding to "Obama mocks McCain and a Joe the plumber"

Here, in italics, are part or all of comments on the thread of Obama mocks McCain and a Joe the plumber with my responses in plain.

From Archer 05 - - -

The [liberal media] are vetting Joe the plumber more than they did Obama. The fact that the sludge brigade are sifting through a man’s life because he asked a simple question is beyond belief. Where does this all end? Hopefully regular people see through the information suppression and outright thuggery that is in play for this election.

I’m struck by how many people don’t or refuse to see what’s happening. Thuggery is not too strong a word for what so much of MSM is now doing to Joe the plumber.

My “anything for Obama” Raleigh N & O reported yesterday in a five-column spread Joe “owed” back taxes for a quarter. They gave that story more attention then they gave Democrat Representative Charlie Rangel’s tax delinquencies over many year that included failure to report certain income he owed the government.

From Tarheel Hawkeye - - -

Don't forget, these are the very same MSM sleuths who can't be bothered to make inquiries into the background of a man who may very well become the next president. They now know much more about Joe The Plumber than they do about Barack Hussein Obama.

As you know, TH, with your background in law enforcement and criminal investigation there is in law something called "willful blindness." It means, if I've got it right, people with a duty to look at something don't because they pretty much know what they're going to find, and want to be in a position to later say, "I never knew."

The refusal of all but a handful of journalists and news orgs to look at Sen. Obama’s background in anything but a cursory way that allows for “nothing to see here, folks” reporting is, IMO, “willful blindness.”

MSM has a very good idea of what it’s not looking at and reporting.

They also know if it did, Obama wouldn’t be elected.

Anon @ 9:36 - - -

Let's be honest about the media. It's not like they don't know the background on Obama, they are just okay with. He represents their thoughts and interests better than any candidate in recent times. That's why they are in the tank for him. To anyone who subscribes to the liberal fascist ideology Joe the plumber is as bad as a black conservative. He's a traitor to his "class" and must be destroyed.

Well said, Anon @ 9:36

And thanks to each of you for commenting.


Anonymous said...

Check out "misprision of felony."

Ted said...


Anonymous said...

I know some plumbers who make into the six figures, $120-150k, doing commercial plumbing work. They definitely work hard, and make a good living for their families (compare with PhD scientists who to to school for 10-15 years after high school and make ~80-110k). However, even those making 120-150k will see a tax cut under Obama's plan.

Now, lets take Joe the plumber at his word, that he was considering buying a business that makes 250-280k per year. On the 30k above 250, he will only pay an additional $900 under the Obama tax plan. It isn't as if the government takes all 30k, the difference is only $900! Thats $900 that will be used to fix roads, build hospitals, build schools, pay teachers, support our troops in the 2 wars we are fighting, etc. Isn't that a good? Why not support giving up $900, when you are making $280,000, to help protect America?

Anonymous said...

The voters should not forget that St. Barack can't change the tax code or spend revenue as he wishes. He must have the tax code rewritten by congress and must have the congress approve his budgets. The congress right now is approved by only THIRTEEN PERCENT of the American public. The question must be: do we want those buffoons making such far-reaching decisions? And I don't think there is a dime's worth of difference bwteen the two major parties.
Tarheel Hawkeye