Thursday, October 16, 2008

Commenters/"editors" come through on the Greeley post

I've just posted the following at the head of Our public leaders safety:questions for Andrew Greeley.

(Readers alert)

Commenters have noted there was no Secret Service confirmation of a shout of “Kill him” referring to Sen. Obama at the time Andrew Greeley’s op-ed was published yesterday. I should have noted that in my email to him.

I thank the commenters for “getting the story right.”

Other than treating Greeley’s “Kill him” charge as unconfirmed, I wouldn’t change anything else in my email.

I’ll be posting later today on claims “Kill him” was shouted at McCain-Palin rallies in Pennsylvania and Florida. The Secret Service has said the Pennsylvania claim, which came from a single reporter, is unfounded.

The Florida claim came from WaPo Obama reporter-supporter Dana Millbank who says the shout was not directed at Obama, but at Will Ayers.

Look for more later today in a post titled:“Two “kill him” reports: one's unfounded; the other's misreported.


I've said it before, but it bears repeating: JinC, for all its shortcomings, has some of the best "editors" in the blogoshpere.

Their smarts and care led to the alert above and the post this afternoon reporting more of the story about shouts at McCain-Palin rallies.


Anonymous said...

Any honest person hearing a death threat would certainly relay that information on to the proper authorities. A reporter would certain push this story to the limit, but he says he just heard the remark, didn‘t see anyone.

It is not possible that no one else heard it. He is lying to promote himself, and to counter the leftist loons that are unhinged in their actions and remarks. How would he know who made the remark, perhaps an Obama plant? Notice the tanked operatives that used the possible lie as truth without proper confirmation, it is just media bias as usual.

This election is becoming a complete fraud. Starting with Obama lying about accepting public financing, and is now outspending McCain four to one with funds from who knows where? Obama knew John McCain would not go back on his word, but he of course would without hesitation. ACORN is just the tip of the iceberg that is no longer melting!