Friday, October 17, 2008

Krauthammer and Wright refute Obama’s “post racial" claim

Excerpts from Charles Krauthammer's column today followed by my comments below the star line.

From Krauthammer - - -

… The reason Bill Clinton is sulking in his tent is because he feels that Obama surrogates succeeded in painting him as a racist. Clinton has many sins, but from his student days to his post-presidency, his commitment and sincerity in advancing the cause of African-Americans have been undeniable. If the man Toni Morrison called the first black president can be turned into a closet racist, then anyone can.

And Obama has shown no hesitation in doing so to McCain. Just weeks ago, in Springfield, Mo., and elsewhere, he warned darkly that George Bush and John McCain were going to try to frighten you by saying that, among other scary things, Obama has "a funny name" and "doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills."

McCain has never said that, nor anything like that. When asked at the time to produce one instance of McCain deploying race, the Obama campaign could not.

Yet here was Obama firing a pre-emptive charge of racism against a man who had not indulged in it. An extraordinary rhetorical feat, and a dishonorable one.

What makes this all the more dismaying is that it comes from Barack Obama, who has consistently presented himself as a healer, a man of a new generation above and beyond race, the man who would turn the page on the guilt-tripping grievance politics of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

I once believed him.

Krauthammer’s entire column’s here.


I took a “wait and see with finger’s crossed” position in early 2007 when I first heard Obama saying he wanted to be the “post racial” candidate all about “healing.”

But then I started learning about his relationship with the racist Rev. Wright whom he admired and supported financially.

Racial healing? Supporting Wright all those years was like giving matches and gasoline to an arsonist and then asking people to endorse you for Fire Commissioner.

No thanks.

Any sensible person should have realized by March 18, 2008 that Obama is not really seeking a “post racial” society.

That was the day Obama said in his Philadelphia speech the so excited his MSM Tank Corps that he couldn’t disown Wright.

Well, if you can’t disown a guy who’s been preaching the worse kind of racial calumnies including accusing the American government of deliberately spreading the AIDS virus among blacks to hold down the black population, you’re not serious about being a “port racial” healer even if the NY Times and NPR tell people you are.

Yes, Obama some weeks later did disown Wright.

But that only happened after Wright said publicly at the Washington Press Club Obama's “just a typical politician” who doesn’t believe a lot of what he says.

THEN Obama loudly and angrily disowned his mentor, close friend and pastor of nearly 20 years.


Anonymous said...

MNI: $3.66 (1:00 pm)

McClatchy Watch asks an interesting question-
Did McClatchy reporters plagiarize an Obama campaign ad in a news story? Or were the nearly-identical phrases just a coincidence?

“How pathetic for McClatchy, that their reporting is hard to distinguish from Obama campaign commercials.”
“Fishwrap waste of trees” is a phrase that comes to my mind, AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

John -

Is anyone surprised? St. Barack has dissembled on so many things so many times, that nothing he does or says can surprise me any longer.

As I have said several times on this blog, we get the government we elect. With its looking all the more probable, it will be President Obama, I hope Americans at this time next year will be pleased with the choice they will have made.

Jack in Silver Spring