Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raleigh N&O gives Joe “the lax treatment”

The McClatchy Company’s Raleigh News & Observer launched the public part of the Duke hoax and led the media pack which did so much to enable the frame-up attempt.

The N&O did so with a series of error-filled, biased and racially inflammatory stories, columns and editorials portraying the black false accuser Crystal Mangum as “the victim” of a group of racist, law-breaking white Duke lacrosse players who included three men who’d brutally gang-raped, strangled, beat and robbed Mangum after which their teammates covered-up for them by refusing to cooperate with the DA and Durham Police.

There was no slime or falsehood the N&O wouldn’t fire at the Duke laxers as it shamelessly pitched its coverage to race, class and gender prejudices.

Now the N&O is giving Joe the plumber “the lax treatment” after he made remarks critical of tax increases proposed by Sen. Obama whom the N&O’s working hard to elect president.

We’ve never seen in the N&O a story examining, for example, Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s repeated claim the American government deliberately spread the AIDs virus as a means of killing blacks in order to hold down the number of blacks in America.

For Wright, the N&O has little or no interest in reporting his virulent racism, misogyny and anti-Americanism or determining why Obama formed a close friendship with such a man, supported him with generous personal financial contributions and used his influence to send public money Wright's way as well.

But Joe the plumber? He's different. White like the lacrosse players, "in the headlines" like the laxers and no fan of Obama.

If you know that and know the N&O you also know the N&O's going to give him "the lax treatment."

So on Oct. 17 we find on the N&O’s front page a lede “Joe The Plumber’s Fame Bites Back” which directs readers to pg. 3A where we find a large photo and these headlines spread across five columns:

America gets to know Joe

(Unlicensed) plumber of presidential debate fame already owes back taxes<
The N&O's story's here.

Full disclosure: The Raleigh N&O describes itself as a paper that reports the news fairly and accurately.

It’s editors object very strongly when readers suggest the paper’s news columns make clear its liberal/leftist bias. They say its presidential election coverage has been fair. Editors continue to say they're proud of the N&O’s Duke lacrosse coverage.


AMac said...


I disagree with you on this one. I think it is only fair that the N&O devote some space to investigating the tax liens of Martin Nesbitt. After all, he is the Treasurer of the campaign of one of the Presidential candidates.

The N&O is right: this might be seen as a reflection of the judgment of that candidate.

By the way, who is this Joe Wurzelbacher guy?

Anonymous said...

The media is stalking Joe the plumber, they have printed his home address, and other personal information. What about Joe’s safety?

Reports say that county inspectors are serving Joe papers do cease work without a license, and they are going after his boss also. They are sifting through his divorce papers. What could possibly be their justification for that?

Who else besides the Obama people are behind the crucifixion of Joe the Plumber from Ohio? The Plumbers Union! They support Obama, and would sacrifice one of their own in their mindless quest for Socialism. I should have guessed that, unsavory companions in a fraudulent election. So what’s new?

I read that someone is trying to set up a fund to pay Joe’s back taxes. Now that is what I call social justice. If this is what we can expect if we dare question Obama, “This is not the USA that I knew.”

“I am Joe the plumber”- That phrase is showing up as a comment on hundreds of blogs.