Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hypocritical pundits who make things worse

From Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson - - -

Even though Obama long ago volunteered youthful cocaine use in his memoirs, McCain campaign cochairman Frank Keating, the former governor of Oklahoma, said this week: "He ought to admit, 'You know, I've got to be honest with you. I was a guy of the street. I was way to the left. I used cocaine.' "

McCain's brother, Joe, momentarily turned himself into Joe McCarthy. Seeing that Obama is poised to win northern Virginia, Joe McCain declared the suburbs of Arlington and Alexandria to be "communist country." …

Jackson’s column’s here.


Frank Keating and Joe McCain are wrong to engage in such politics.

I wish politics like that and worse weren't played by either Sen. McCain's or Sen. Obama's supporters.

I also wish I could go on to commend Jackson for calling out Keating and Joe McCain; and for his condemnation of other kinds of unfair and ugly political expression.

But I can't because for many years Jackson’s been silent in the face of the “Kill Bush” shouts we’ve heard at what MSM calls “peace rallies.”

I also don't recall Jackson ever speaking out about the “Bush = Hitler” bumper stickers or those tee shirts with President Bush’s face superimposed on a bulls-eye target.

We’ve heard racism, misogyny and anti-Americanism from Obama’s long-time allies Jeremiah Wright, Will Ayers and John Pflager.

All Jackson’s done is minimize, distort and excuse what they preach.

Now today he presents himself as shocked and outraged that someone shouted “Kill him” at a McCain rally, possibly with Obama in mind. (Jackson says the secret service is not sure.)

Look, folks, I condemn people who shout “Kill him” at political rallies whoever they mean.

I spoke out criticizing people who wore those Bush bulls-eye tee shirt even though folks on the left said wearing such tee shirts was an “outlet,” “understandable,” and “protected speech.”

I’ll criticize people who wear such tee shirts with Obama’s face superimposed on the target.

But I have nothing but disdain for people who are OK with such “protected speech” when the face of someone they don’t support is on the target and then scream about "assassination" whenever their guy is criticized.

A lot of pundits now expressing “outrage” that some people are going over the line in their criticisms of Obama remained silent or outright encouraged the shouts of “Kill Bush” and worse.

The double standard of such pundits is shameless and encourages at both ends of the political spectrum the behaviors the pundits condemn only when directed at their candidates.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Maryland about 20 years ago and the suburbs of Arlington and Alexandria were referred to as "communist country" back in those days.

Anonymous said...

David Gergen was interviewed on TV the other day and mentioned that at some Palin events some individuals in the crowd called out 'kill him' and 'terrorist' in relation to Palin mentioning Obama and that some in the crowd then began to yell racial epithets at a black cameraman. Gergen said McCain needs to "reign her in."

Gergen interview starts at 4:00.

Anonymous said...

There is an anti-Palin tee shirt seemingly so vile, the writer would not repeat what it says.

Also, there is question about the people yelling out at McCain rallies really being Obama thugs. Their goal is to feed the press some phony hate to counter the daily exposure of the leftist loons. (McCain says he wants to tone that down, and that is just what the thugs wanted, to silence the criticism.)

Also, all those undecided voters they poll and add into the poll results:
One of the "undecided voters" on the panel at the Town Hall Debate - Ben Raybin - is a former staff writer for Buzz Flash, a left-wing, pro-Obama website.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Prince William County for 20+ years, and I've heard the "communist country" term about Northern Virginia before. Among my crowd, we called it "Yankee-occupied Virginia." I guess that would also give the politically correct robots nightmares.
Tarheel Hawkeye