Thursday, October 16, 2008

Murtha now slimes Pa. voters

You may recall Pennsylvania Democratic Representative Jack Murtha’s reckless and false charge that U. S. Marines “killed innocent civilians in cold blood” at Haditha.

The killing charge by Murtha and anti-American elements at home and in the Middle East has been thoroughly disproved. But Murtha has refused to apologize for his calumny which inflamed sentiment against Marines serving in Iraq, thereby making their already very dangerous service even more dangerous.

Yet he remains a good friend and ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s never criticized Murtha or asked him to apologize for his false accusations against the Marines who fought and risked their lives at Haditha.

Yesterday we read this via the AP:

U.S. Rep. John Murtha says his home base of western Pennsylvania is racist and that could reduce Barack Obama's victory margin in the state by 4 percentage points.

The 17-term Democratic congressman tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a story posted Wednesday on its Web site that, as he put it: "There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area."

He says it's taken time for many Pennsylvania voters to come around to liking Obama, but he should still win the state, though not in a runaway.

In a separate interview posted Wednesday on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Web site, Murtha says Obama has a problem with the race issue in western Pennsylvania that could shave 4 points off his lead in the state.
Today via CNN we read:
Rep. John Murtha, a supported (sic) of Barack Obama’s presidential bid, apologized Thursday for calling western Pennsylvania “a racist area.”
The entire AP story’s here; CNN’s is here.


Murtha plays a race card and then “apologizes” for it. Who's fooled?

He knew what he was doing in the first place: Trying to guilt people into voting for Obama while sliming those who won’t as racists.

Then, one news cycle later, Murtha distances himself from what he did with a self-serving “apology.”

It’s an old political slime game he’s playing. It goes like this:

Yesterday – “I was glad to have a serious, sober debate last night with my opponent.”

Today – “Gee, if anyone thought I was pushing those rumors my opponent has a drinking problem, I apologize."

John Murtha is one of the most shameless, self-serving members of Congress; and that's saying a lot when you consider the competition.

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Anonymous said...

Murtha is a disgrace and should be charged with treason for his comments regarding Haditha.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Rep. John Murtha is one of the most despicable men I have ever read about. Repeating lies about our troops, and his latest racist statement about PA voters, are just not defensible.

I hope his opponent beats him into oblivion. It almost makes me wish I lived in PA so I could work against him. Well, that’s a stretch, but lies and pork, defines a man that should not be in a decision making role in this country.

Do the right thing bitter, racist PA voters, put your guns and Bibles down long enough to vote him out!

Anonymous said...

Murtha is a disgrace to the U.S. Marine Corps, a disgrace to the U.S. Congress (though he has plenty of company there), in fact, Murtha is a disgrace to the human race. If his contrituents reelect that buffoon, then they truly deserve to be represented by him.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Update on Murtha the Mouth
-Smear merchant Murtha cancels debate-
By Michelle Malkin •

“He smeared our troops and he smeared the voters in his own western Pennsylvania district. No wonder Democrat Rep. John Murtha doesn’t want to show his smug, bloated face.

Pennsylvania bloggers are buzzing over the [corruptocrat’s] decision to cancel his appearance at a debate with GOP challenger and Iraq War veteran Bill Russell.
Just call him Congressman Cut and Run.”