Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama's Ayers ads

Ben Smith at Politico – - -

Here's the audio of Obama's new radio spot responding to attacks on his relationship to Bill Ayers. It's a version of his television spot accusing McCain of using "smears" to avoid talking about the economy, but — unlike the TV spot — mentions Ayers by name and discusses him at some length:

"Bill Ayers is a professor of education who once served with Obama on a school reform board, a board funded by conservative Republicans tied to McCain," says the ad's narrator.

"When Ayers committed crimes in the '60s, Obama was 8 years old. Obama condemned those despicable acts. Ayers has had no role in Obama's campaign, and will have no role in his administration."

"And John McCain? With no plan to fix our economy, smears are all he has left," says the narrator.

The ad is airing in Wisconsin, Colorado, and likely other states.
At RealClearPolitics.com Blake Dvorak provides an update - - -

The RNC sends out this response to the ad:
According to Barack Obama's new ad, Bill Ayers is a 'professor of education who once served with Obama on a school reform board.' What Obama doesn't tell voters is that he made an independent judgment to befriend an unrepentant terrorist who headed an organization that killed Americans, and targeted men and women in uniform. Barack Obama's failed judgment led him to put his career before our country and it disqualifies him as a reasonable or serious candidate for the presidency.

I think McCain made a huge blunder by not raising questions starting last March about Sen. Obama’s close, almost 20-year relationship with his racist, misogynist, anti-American mentor Jeremiah Wright.

The very troubling concerns raised by the extent and depth of Obama’s relationship with Wright are much more troubling and revealing than those raised by Obama's association with the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.

Obama and his wife can take their children for religious instruction to any church they wish even Wright's.

But voters should ask why Obama took his children to church where the pastor preaches “God damn America” and “KKK – America?”