Sunday, October 12, 2008

Raleigh N&O editor terms Ayers “wackily idealistic”

The McClatchy Company’s liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer is the newspaper which first told the public about “the victim” who’d endured a night of “sexual violence” at the Duke lacrosse party. It also promulgated what it knew was a lie: that the lacrosse players refused to cooperate with police.

The N&O “reported” all that
before the now disbarred Mike Nifong began speaking publicly about the case.

That was March 2006. What’s the N&O doing now?

All it can on the news and editorial pages to help make Sen. Barack Obama our next president.

So it’s no surprise editorial page editor Steve Ford devoted his column today to misleading readers about Obama’s relationship with unrepentant terrorist Will Ayers; or that Ford grossly misrepresented what the McCain camp is saying about the Obama-Ayers relationship and why it should concern Americans.

Still, allowing that Ford is in the tank for Obama, I was surprised he strayed as far from the truth as he did in his closing paragraph:

“The McCain camp asks with a sinister twist, who's the real Barack Obama? It's a loaded question meant to impugn his mixed heritage, his rapid and unusual rise and his emergence from a cutthroat, big-city political environment. But surely the answer is not to be found in his relationship, such as it was, with the once criminally deluded and perhaps still wackily idealistic Bill Ayers.”
Ayers tries to bomb the Capital and Pentagon; he encourages and helps train others to bomb government buildings and kill our military and public safety officers; he praises those who do; he boasts he got away with it all (“guilty as hell, free as a bird”); he says at the time of Sept. 11 he didn’t do enough terrorism; and he’s never repented any of it.

At the N&O, all that makes him “idealistic,” albeit “wackily” so.

The N&O and Steve Ford have come a long way from the days when Duke lacrosse players cited for underage drinking or peeing on the side of a building had, the N&O said, “criminal backgrounds” and their names and citations published on its March 28, 2006 front page.

Ford’s entire column’s here.


Anonymous said...

What does publisher Quarles have to say about editor Ford's "journalism?" What about CEO Pruitt in Sacramento? Inquiring minds would like to know.

TruthHurts001 said...

I keep wondering...

If Bill Ayres had bombed black churches instead of the US Capitol, would his past be a non-issue??

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to say it, Barack Obama will get an easy pass on everything he has done wrong in the past because of John McCains's poor judgement in selecting Sarah Palin as his VP. With his VP announcement, McCain handed the presidency to Obama on a gold platter. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Percy Sutton, Khalid al Mansour(D. Watkins),& Alwaleed bin Talal assisted B. Obama with his acceptance and payment to Harvard Law School, when will that association come to the forefront?