Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin knows energy - Don't misss this video

Folks, a Regular sent along the link below to a CNBC interview of Gov. Sarah Palin by CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

The interview was taped a few days before Sen. McCain named Palin his V-P pick. It lasts almost 12 minutes.

Energy development, distribution and use compatible with care for the environment are the only topics.

The sound/visual quality is excellent and Palin's outstanding.

Listen to her and than ask yourself when you last heard an American politician of either party speak so knowledgeably about energy and the environment?

Take a look here.


Anonymous said...

John -

Those lefties just can't leave well enough alone. Too sarcastic? Exactly what have the lefties been doing in the last few days? First, she isn't Trig's mother; then she belonged to a secessionist party; then she had an extra-marital affair and then she appeared in a bikini toting (what looks like) an AK-47, and then who knows what else. Why don't these guys (and gals) that are saying nasty things, and that includes Mr. Begala, just a put a sock in it?

In here speech, Gov. Palin could have mentioned Wright, Ayers, Dohrn and some the other unsavory characters with whom St. Barack has been associated, but she didn't; or she could have mentioned how St. Barack assisted an anti-reform candidate in Chicago, but she didn't. This lady has poise and she has class, and the left is scared to death of her.

Jack in Silver Spring