Monday, September 01, 2008

Bouncing out of Denver

We’ll all keep an eye on Gustav.

That said, what about the convention bounce MSM’s been telling us Sen. Obama got following “his historic nomination?”

And following “his historic” cameo appearances “live, on screen” in the convention hall?

And following “his historic” assent and apparition at Invesco’s Greek temple, where his MSM disciples say he excited the multitudes?

And what about poor Sen. McCain’s “desperation” choice of Gov. Palin?

We know she doesn’t own big limousines and huge houses as do Al Gore and John Edwards.

So can she impress anyone inside the Beltway?

What’s more, Palin doesn’t have the vast Washington experience Ted Kennedy had at the time of Abu Ghraib when he fired up anti-Americanism world-wide by declaring on the Senate floor Saddam’s prison system was being run by America’s military.

Palin’s family?

Much of MSM can’t resist ridiculing her and her children, including Trig, the Palin’s four month old Down Syndrome child.

The MSMers who do the ridiculing say they’re just bringing us “the news.”

You bet.

But let’s get back to the matter of Obama’s bounce following “his historic nomination.”

From, the three latest national polls:

Gallup Tracking - - - - - - - - - - 08/28 - 08/30 Obama +6

Rasmussen Tracking - - - - - - - 08/28 - 08/30 Obama +3

CNN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08/29 - 08/31 Obama +1

Based on these three polls, it looks like Obama and the Dems got more fizz than bounce out of their convention.

IMO – Still too soon to say anything about a “Palin effect.”

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Already teh attacks are beginning on Palin. The Daily Kos has a post claiming that the youngest Palin child is not really Sarah and Todd's but is that of their daughter Willow. The proof that they offer: 1. several pictures of Willow with a little tummy (not uncommon on girls of that age - just ask anyone who teaches teenage girls (how awful also that in this day and age when there is so much reported about developing a healthy body image in young girls that she should be accused of being pregnant because she has a mid section that is not anorexically flat) and 2. Sarah Palin did not "look pregnant" in a number of pictures that were taken of her during her pregnancy. Of course if one looks at the manner in which she dressed, she is wearing clothes that could conceal a pregnancy. Additionally, there are those out there who are lucky enough not to show either as quickly or as prominently as others. The other comment made in the blog is that for being pregnant she sure got back into shape with her fifth child awfully quickly - too quickly to have been pregnant! As one who was pregnant five times in as many years and worked up to the day I delivered (I miscarried the fourth time but was still back at work the day after the miscarriage) and nursed all my children, I can say the following:
1. pregnancy is not a disease - it does not impinge upon a woman's ability to do her job and do it well
2. depending upon one's body type, the way in which one "carries the baby" one can either look very pregnant or barely pregnant at all. I was one of those "lucky ones" in that I did not "show" much at all (even with my last child at the age of 39)even wearing most of my pre-pregnancy clothes during the entire pregnancies.
3. Breastfeeding causes one to get one's prepregnancy shape back quickly - a good reason to nurse besides (and of course the most important reason) the fact that it is best for the new baby.
Finally, I really thought that this would be a campaign where the candidates children would be off limits - obviously the Democrats (the Daily Kos is a mouthpiece for that party)believe that Democrat's children are sacrosanct but Republican's are not. How disgusting.

BillyB said...

The Palin effect is that the main stream media are left with no where to go. If they comment on her inexperience, her gender, her family, her anything, they show what a truly bunch of insincere, two faced, opinionated, non-news people they really are.

Of course, they will do all of this, because they have no souls, nor character, nor conscience.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Palin should be as untouchable as Mr. Obama is, but of course, she won't be.

Anonymous said...

John -

I am quite enthused about Sen. McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin for Vice president, and I think so is the GOP base. Whether the rest of the country will be, remains to be seen.

Gov. Palin, though, will have to have a very thick skin. As cks has noted, the attacks are beginning already. There was especially vile attacks by Andrew Sullivan and Alan Colmes that cks noted. (I am unsurprised about Sullivan, I am about Colmes.) There is also a massive search on to find pictures of the governor in a bikini, topless, nude, etc. Funny, that never happened to St. Barack's wife.

I would not be surprised if an embarrassing picture does show up of the governor, and I bet that if does, it will turn out to be Photo Shopped. For more info on the vile things the left is doing to denigrate the governor, visit Michelle Malkin's site, who, as you recall, had her head Photo Shopped on young woman wearing a bikini.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

Horsepucky, John. It wasn't Senator Kennedy's comments that fired up anti-Americanism worldwide, it was the actions of the troops at Abu Ghraib that did it.

Anonymous said...

The Dems have to be disappointed with what they got for their money in Denver. In the past, Dems have had double-digit leads after their conventions -- Dukakis, Gore, Kerry. Jimmy Carter led Gerald Ford 62-29 at one point and ultimately won 50-48.

McCain's announcement of Palin was brilliantly timed at the very least. He basically shut down Obama's buzz for the holiday weekend. Of course, Gustav shut down the Palin buzz for awhile.

One thing I noticed was that, for all of Obama's reputed strength as an orator, it seemed liked he got a tepid reaction from the less partisan observers. The speech was geared toward giving him some issue substance but his treatment of the issues might have struck non-Dems as a laundry list of banalities from the 70s.

On another note, the Dems might be convinced more than ever that Obama is the Messiah. Some seem to think that Gustav shows that God is on their side so they may have reasoned that their Messiah ordered up this hurricane.

Anonymous said...

Off topic--more from "Death by 1000 Papercuts" which proves John Edwards was lying to ABC News.

This photo of Hunter and Elizabeth and John.