Tuesday, September 02, 2008

But there are no Palin "snippets"

The pastor Sen. Obama says inspired him; the man whose church Obama worshiped at and brought his children to for religious instruction shouted from the pulpit:

"God damn America for killing innocent people. God damn America!"
That same pastor, Rev. Wrigtht, castigated "KKK-America."

And he preached the lie America deliberately spread HIV/AIDS as a means of holding down the country's black population.

Obama listened to it all for almost 20 years and never left Wright's church.

But Newsweek, one of Obama's most enthusiastic MSM's supporters, wasn't put off by Wright's racist ravings, so offensive to decent Americans.

Newsweek call them "snippets."

Most of MSM followed suit.

And almost every MSM news orgs hasn't dared demand answers to how the "brilliant" President-presumptive Barack Obama could, as he's claimed, "never [have]heard that stuff;" or why his wife Michelle, herself a very smart woman, never told him about it?

Then there's Gov. Sarah Palin and her family.

It seems the MSM can find no "snippets" about her and her children.

Everything is very "newsworthy," even the most transparent smears coming from Kos.


Anonymous said...

John -

Funny, Al Gore's son was arrested in 2007 on suspicion of possessing illegal drugs. Did you hear about that in the MSM?

And why no mention St. Barack's association with William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn?

The sounds of silence from the MSM are thunderous.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

I fine with all the crap from the MSM over Palin.

They are pissing women off.

I hope the MSM keep up their inane coverage.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before, Palin is untouchable.

MSM will wish before it's done that they hadn't touched.

Anonymous said...

As a female I can tell you the reporting in the last few days makes my blood boil - and I am not much of a feminist. Here are just a few of the things that I find upsetting:
1. Why is it that many are suggesting that Palin should not be the vp candidate because she has children that somehow she would not be able to focus her attnetion on her job? Obama has small kids and for a number of years Biden had young boys (who had lost their mother and a sister in a tragic accident) that he raised alone yet there was never any question that he could not be both a father and hold an imortant position.
2. There are the snide comments that if she had been home raising her daughter she would not now have a teen age daughter who is pregnant and unmarried. What about Al Gore and his son who had and still has real substance abuse problems - was ther ever the suggestion that Gore should abandon his political career to spend more time with his son?
3. There are the snarky comments suggesting that Sarah Palin endangered the life of her baby because she gave a speech when she was at the conclusion of her pregnancy and was beginning to go into labor - that somehow she wa to blame for her son Trig's Downs Syndrome. Additionally, there are those who decry the fact that she was back on the job within days of giving birth. Don't we expect ment to go back to work once thier children are born? We don't give men time off to be with their wives in the last stages of pregnancy.

Sarah Palin is a throwback to the pioneer women of the West who showed that women were really the equal of men and who forged the way for women to achieve the right to vote. Pioneer women gave birth and then got up and hauled water and fixed the meals because that was what was expected. There was no molly-coddling becuase the existence of the family was at stake. Many women paid the price with their lives - just as many men did who literally worked themselves to the bone in order for their homesteads to prosper. Sarah Palin is a throwback to that sort of woman.
Fankly, there should be no discussion of any candidate's famiy unless, like the Edwards, one uses the family as a constant campaign prop. Even so, Edwards has been awarded much more consideration than has Palin's 17 year old daughter. The fact is that the Palin's are demonstrating what family is all about - supporting their daughter while acknowledging that the road ahead of her will not be an easy one.
Anaon 8:11 is correct - the msm is really pissing off a lot of women.

Anonymous said...

IowaHawk explained this weeks ago.
Senator BO's greatest concern while attending the Wright sermons was if his Game Boy batteries would last through the 2-3 hour sermon. You certainly can't expect Senator BO to
concentrate on Mario Brothers & listen at the same time, can you? The MSM recognizes this, why can't you?