Thursday, September 04, 2008

Low moaning Dems & MSM this morning

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker tells us about it - - -

The smug laughter among liberal elites at Sarah Palin is quieting down, replaced by low moaning. Clive Crook of The Atlantic admits that there might have been just a bit of misunderestimating going on among the left:

...the Democrats have a problem. They had a few days of calling her a clueless redneck, a stewardess, a nonentity, and she has hurled that back in their bleeding gums. (If I were Joe Biden, I'd start practicing for October 2nd right now.)

Even before tonight's speech, they had backed off the "no experience" strategy, because (as the Republicans intended) that was sending shrapnel in Obama's direction. Their line right now is their default mode, that McCain-Palin is four more years of George Bush. But this too is a completely untenable strategy, since the Republican ticket now looks stunningly fresh to voters, as fresh in fact as Obama-Biden.

Where they will have to end up is obvious: McCain-Palin is an extreme right-wing ticket. It is a team that will prosecute the culture war against all that is decent and civilized in the United States: that must be the line.

I think he's right. Expect the Democrats to caricature Palin (again), this time as a wild-eyed religious fanatic bent on imposing her views on others' lives. That's fine with me. Let's have a nuanced talk about the infanticide Obama supports, while little Piper Palin slicks down Trig's hair. ….

The rest of Lifson’s post’s here.


I thought Gov. Palin hit a home run last night. It was a very well crafted speech very well delivered.

It obviously played well in the convention hall. It’s a safe bet it also played well among the American people.

It’s not hard to understand why the Democratic MSM, aligned with special interests groups like NOW and the Green orgs which want to hold back American efforts to become more energy self-reliant, want to take her out with smears and ridicule before the American public get to know her.

Palin’s outstanding example last evening of grace under pressure has the Dems and MSM moaning this morning.

But don’t underestimate the mendacity of many of them.

They’re going to come after her with more smears and ridicule at the slightest opportunity.


Anonymous said...

My two thirty-something daughters, who were rabid Hillary supporters and were planing to sit out the election or vote for Hillary as a write-in, have both called me to say they're voting for McCain-Palin. I believe there will be a large number of women who will do the same based on Sarah "Barracuda's" speech at the RNC last nite.
This brings strength to the GOP in several ways: the older female vote will belong to McCain; the religious right is now off the fence and solidly behind Sarah; the conservatives are riled up because of the cheap shots from MSM talking heads; and the Reagan Democrats are likely to return to the GOP fold. This spells disaster for St. Barack and Joe "Kinnock" Biden.
Unless something totally unforseen occurs between now and November 4, I believe we will witness another Republican landslide. Chris Matthews will feel a different tingle up his legs and it will be caused by St. Barack's concession speech.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

You see, the MSM is bitter and they cling to their left wing ideology and their false narratives and their antipathy toward politicians who represent Americans who are not like them.

Anonymous said...

Hawkeye: Always look forward to your comments. Am praying you are correct (as you usually are) with this one! Maybe Chris' leg will go numb! Steve in New Mexico

Ex-prosecutor said...

A very important asset of Governor Palin, which the MSM and Democrats ignore, is that, unlike the candidates the Democrats continue to produce, she's very likeable and has lived a life much like the rest of us. For that reason, as well as the others discussed in your post, the Democrats must be very careful in how they jump on her. Attacks may cause fence-sitters to rally to her.

To sit by her on a long flight on a plane would be enjoyable, unlike having Gore, Kerry or Obama as companions.

Anonymous said...

Of course they will come after her and they're too blinded to realize she's armed and dangerous. She'll fight back and win.

Another serious problem they have and don't understand is even though no one thinks this is a woman who needs protection, decent people will be angered by the continued attacks and will be defensive of her as well.

They used the American people's sense of decency and fair play to sustain Bill Clinton. Defending him as a flawed but 'good man'. Saying, over and over again, how his transgressions were personal matter (his wife forgave him, we had to).

Now they don't realize how the public will rise up to defend against outrageous, unfounded attacks on the girl next door?

Anonymous said...

The moaning might grow louder. A CBS poll conducted over the previous three nights (which did not even catch the full impact of the Palin speech) has the race tied. A week ago, they had Obama up 48-40.

This is one poll and they can jump around a bit but it will be interesting to see how the polls look when more come out. The Gallup and Rasmussen rolling averages have shown a bit of movement toward McPalin but, as Palin spoke after 10 PM last night, I doubt any poll has picked up on her performance with the possible exception of including some people called on the West Coast last night by pollsters.