Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MSM’s desperate race against Palin’s speech

Excerpts from American Thinker editor and publisher Thomas Lifson's "Sarah Palin and the Two Americas" with my comments below the star line.

Lifson says - - -

… A desperate race is underway, with the liberal media scampering to define Sarah Palin to the public as a dangerous religious fanatic and naïve hick, some kind of back woods primitive incapable of effectively discharging the awesome job of president, soon to be thrust upon her as John McCain expires right after his inauguration.

Tonight, Governor Palin will have her opportunity to speak directly to the American people, and thanks to the blizzard of critical coverage, she will be no doubt attract an enormous audience.

She has the rarest of qualities: authenticity. Media and Beltway types can't fathom what that is. It goes right over their heads. Not even on the radar screen. Her multiple facets -- beauty queen, moose hunter, mother, member of an Assembly of God Church, and ferocious reformer of corrupt politics may baffle sophisticates, but ordinary Americans see all the pieces fitting together, and they recognize a type of person they know and love. . . .

Sarah Palin is the ultimate All-American Girl, beautiful but not glamorous, powerful but unpretentious, high-powered but down-to-earth, a reformer who speaks up while others cower in fear of rocking the boat. Like Ronald Reagan, she can reach right through the television camera into people's minds and hearts. We recognize one of us.

The left, so wrapped in artifice and fakery, are driven crazy by this. Her behavior appears bizarre, inexplicable. In their minds, she is a disaster and they pretend to be gleeful, asking when McCain will dump her. All while panicking, because they can see the energized GOP base and the failure of Barack Obama to garner the ten-to-fifteen point post-convention bounce to be expected after his speech before the multimillion-dollar Greek temple set and fireworks at Invesco Field only 5 days ago.

Those who planned the classical Greek theatrical stage never for second contemplated the possibility of a deus ex machina named Sarah.

So now they hurl ridiculous, self-discrediting accusations (the fantasy that Palin was not the mother of her baby Trig and was covering for her daughter was published by The Atlantic) and cannot understand that they won't work on a mom who's about to become a grandma while caring for a Down syndrome baby.

They regard the public as fools to be manipulated, and know that with the MSM megaphone, they can sell practically anything. …

Despite having been written off as a hopeless cause by political insiders and media know-it-alls, the Grand Old Party is about to renew itself amidst catcalls from the opposition. The same sort of swells who laugh at Sarah Palin as trailer trash categorized Ronald Reagan as an amiable dunce when in a charitable mood, spelled his name Ray-Gun, and felt ashamed to have a graduate of Eureka College, not some Ivy League campus, representing America on the world stage.

Ronald Reagan never let the contempt of the cultural, literary and journalistic elites bother him. He simply spoke over their heads directly to the American people. And changed the world.

In Sarah Palin, we may well have a figure able to do the same. All eyes will be on her tonight.

Lifson’s entire post’s here.

Lifson’s bang on when he says the liberal media news orgs are in a desperate race to trash and slime Palin.

They’re thinking - - -

Don’t let the public make up its own mind. Our job is to filter the news. We’ve done A+ work getting the public’s mind off Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko.

And we’ve done a pretty good job fogging over The One’s close relationship with Will Ayers.

Now let’s all get out there and “strangle” Palin before she’s able to fight back.

Folks, I don’t know yet whether Palin’s even half the wonderful things GOPers are saying about her.

I need more time to make up my mind.

As far as I'm concerned, right now one of the biggest pluses Palin has going for her ]is that so much of the sexist, arrogant, and error-filled reporting and commentary I’ve been reading about Palin is coming from the same crowd whose assessments of the Iraq surge you’ll find here.

Congrats to Lifson on a fine post. Be sure to check in regularly at American Thinker. It's an outstanding blog.

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Anonymous said...

Lifson is 100% correct in his assessment. Inauthentic people find it difficult to deal with those who are sure of themselves and have no blind spots regarding themselves or their children. THe Palins come across as ordinary Americans - with their own challenges to deal with the best that they can. I am sure that the Governor and her husband never wanted to be grandparents so early - but yet they find themselves in that position. Their response is that which any teenage pregnant girl would want - support and love. It is obvious that they are disappointed - who would not be? But the little baby that will soon be born did not have a say in how it was to be conceived - whether its parents were older, married, financially secure, etc. What that child will know is that it has grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles who will welcome him/her and do the best by the child as they humanly can. Palin (and her husband) are obviously people of character.