Thursday, September 04, 2008

Law prof’s “feminist blood boils.”

Here’s part of Univ. of Wisconsin School of Law professor Ann Althouse’s post concerning Gov. Palin’s speech last night - - - -

IN THE COMMENTS: Doyle writes:

It was definitely well-executed, but I thought the speech was too sarcastic.
Oh, yes, sarcastic. That reminds me. I saw Paul Begala on some morning show and he was using that word. He said that Palin was excellent when she was telling her life story, but then when she got into the criticisms of Barack Obama, she was sarcastic, and that wasn't good.

Step back, little lady. Be good. Be nice. Tell us about your children and what you like to cook for dinner and how much you love your hubby.

Grrrr... my feminist blood boil.

Althouse's entire post's here.

The trashing Palin's receiving is making a lot of women's and men's blood boil.


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting comment about Gov. Palin.
Kathleen Parker in the Chicago Tribune:

"Should Palin and McCain prevail come November, feminism can curtsy and treat herself to a hard-earned vacation.

The greatest achievement of feminism won't be that a woman reached the vice presidency, but that a woman no longer needed feminists to get there."

Danvers said...

When do you think that AA's will reach the same conclusion regarding affirmative action? IMO - never, it is too convenient a crutch.

Much easier to play the victim; especially when the ehole Dumbocratic Party is pandering to them.

Anonymous said...


Over time, people decide with their pocketbooks what news is worth reading and what is propaganda.

"N&O offers buyouts to 320 workers, entire newsroom"