Friday, September 05, 2008

Just doing their job on Gov. Palin

Polls show most Americans believe Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin is the victim of MSM sexist smear attacks.

While by no means all MSM journalists are participating in the attacks, many who are claim they're simply “doing our job.”

Let’s take a look at some of what Jonah Goldberg at reports about the “job” the leftist MSM attack machine is doing on Palin. I add a few comments below the star line.

Goldberg begins - - -

"What is wrong with these people?" was the nigh-upon-universal reaction among conservatives at the GOP convention this week.

Liberal reporters inquired of conservative journalists, Republican delegates, right-leaning janitors, free-market short-order cooks, even the guys walking around in elephant suits: Will Sarah Palin drop out? What about the Eagleton Option?

For those who don't know, the Eagleton Option refers to Thomas Eagleton, George McGovern's first VP pick in 1972, who was forced to withdraw because of allegations of mental illness. . . .

Of course, it was hardly the only journalistic will-o'-the-wisp unleashed from the media bog. The claim that Palin was a Buchananite -- and hence an acolyte of a "Nazi sympathizer" according to Florida Rep. Robert Wexler -- was not true.

The claims she cut funding for pregnant teens, that she was a member of the more-goofy-than-scary Alaska Independence Party, that Trig Palin -- her special-needs baby -- was really her daughter's: these were all bogus.

As for the even more disgusting smears peddled at the Daily Kos and one blogger [, Andrew Sullivan,] at The Atlantic -- smears that drove much of the prurient investigation into the Palin family's privacy by more reputable sources -- they were as untrue as they were repugnant. …

The rest of Goldberg’s article’s here.


So the MSMers attacking Palin are just doing their job? Really?

Is a requirement for their job getting so many things wrong that could easily have been gotten right?

Do you think everyone in MSM busy doing their job on Gov. Palin has heard the joke about how the Palin’s could’ve kept their daughter’s pregnancy a secret? Told MSM the father was John Edwards.

Everyone instantly understands that joke which tells us a lot about MSM’s liberal/leftist bias and gives the lie to the “we’re just doing our job” blather.


great unknown said...

You have apparently never been to J-school. "The end justifies the means; Left is right, Right is wrong; the world is divided into Progressives and Reactionaries; our job is not just to report the news, but to be the arbiters of the news and save the world; anyone who disagrees is a cretin."
Yup, they are just doing their job.

Anonymous said...

...and they are losing their jobs left and right. This may not be the end of the MSM but it's one in a long line of death blows.

Archer05 said...

It seems Gov. Palin has gained the nickname ‘Sarahcuda,’ and the clever staff at offers:

"Palin Bashing Press Keeps Swinging and Missing-

A startled MSM goes into cockroach panic as
Sarah Palin shows what a fully evolved woman really looks like."