Sunday, September 07, 2008

Welcome Sarah Palin Sexism Watch blog

It's not here before we need it.

The Sarah Palin Sexism Watch's moderator says:

I am a female professional who lives in Wisconsin. I created this blog to monitor, and round up, the sexist treatment given to Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin.

This blog will focus on sexist reactions to the Palin nomination by the media and politicians. Please email me tips at:
If ever a blog was needed, it's this one.

I've visited it three times today and yesterday.

I think Far Left Feminists, Andrew Sullivan and MSM journalists like him won't care for SPSW blog. It's already shining too much light on their sexism.

But if, regardless of party, you're an intelligent, fair-minded person; and you don't want the MSMers who brought us the bogus Texas Air National Guard story and the Duke lacrosse hoax and frame-up attempt lies "filtering" the news for you, you're going to appreciate SPSW.

It puts the sexist stories out there with links so you can judge them for yourself.

I'm sending SPSW's moderator the following email at

Dear Moderator:

One blogger to another: my hat's off to you.

You ask for item tips. Here's one:

Scroll half-way down this LAT page and look at the right-hand column as you face the monitor:
Sarah Palin: Politics of Fashion

You have a great blog and are performing an important public service.

That said, have you considered interspersing with the sexism posts some “Why they fear Palin” posts?

Example: This brief post links to a 14-minute CNBC video of an interview with Gov. Palin some few days before Sen. McCain announced her selection as his running mate.

In it Palin discusses both fossil and renewable energy retrieval, distribution and use consistent with respect for the environment, all with the goals of making America as energy clean and independent as possible.

I’ve never heard a political leader of either party speak so knowingly and easily about those subjects.

The interview gives the lie to claims Palin is a lightweight.

It leaves no doubt “Why they fear Palin.”

I hope you give it a look here where you’ll find the link to the video.

Again, congrats and thanks for the great job you're doing.

I’ll be visiting and linking often.



Hat tip: Anon commenter who clued me to SPSW.


Anonymous said...

I think the Democrats were stunned by the performance of "Saracuda" at the RNC (as were some of the Republicans). Their first reaction appears to have been a nasty personal attack. So much for St. Barack's "reasoned response."
Obviously, Palin isn't perfect, nor does she claim to be; but she embodies many of the traits that Democrats claim are shared by their feminists (many of them DO look like the Vice Presidential candidate, but let's face it, Joe Biden ain't very pretty). After trying for months to sell the "change" story, St. Barack selects as his running mate a man who has spent his entire adult life in politics. And look at the staff assembled by St. Barack as his campaign advisors: mostly Clinton re-treads with a few career trough-feeders thrown in. And all of them from the far Left fringes of the party. Doesn't look much like "change" to this observer.
The GOP ticket, on the other hand, can lay claim to a valid "change" policy with a maverick Republican heading the ticket ably supported by a feisty and savvy woman who single-handedly vanquished a corrupt Republican infrastructure in Alaska.
It may turn out that Palin has some yet-undiscovered liabilities, but as it now appears, she is a very strong candidate who brings assets to the GOP ticket which have re-energized the base and perhaps will even attract disaffected Democrats. One thing is certain: St. Barack, who tried to run sacred, is now running scared.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

John: Off topic but perhaps the "tingle" going up Chris Mathews leg now is from the pink slip he just got from MSNBC. Steve in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

No kidding? Chrissie got deep-sixed by MSNBC? Couldn't happen to a more deserving jerk.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Chrissie and Keith "Overthetopman" both got the axe. It seems their political show came in dead last against every other network and cable competitor and even MSNBC got fed up with their bias opinions. Gotta Love It!