Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ABC’s Palin broadcasts plans

The AP reported a few minutes ago:

Charles Gibson's interviews with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will form the basis of a special prime-time edition of "20/20" Friday, ABC said Wednesday.

Gibson is traveling to Fairbanks and Wasilla, Alaska, for the first TV interviews with Palin since she was selected as John McCain's running mate.

The first excerpts of the talks will be shown on "World News" Thursday [,Sept. 11.]

Gibson is having three separate interviews with Palin, ABC said. Parts of the interviews will be spread around other ABC news programs, including "Nightline" and "Good Morning America."

The prime-time special, at 10 p.m. EDT, will also include a bio of Palin by ABC's Kate Snow and a round-table discussion on the presidential race moderated by George Stephanopoulos. . . .
The rest of the AP’s story’s here.


We’re going to get a lot of “tease” in the next 24 hours about the various ABC broadcasts.

The “meat” will come in the Friday PM programs.

Those programs will “set the table” for the Sunday morning talk shows.

I think Gov. Palin will do well Friday night.

Easy prediction: Between Friday when Palin will make a mostly favorable impression as a likeable, able and informed governor and Sunday’s talk shows, the Dems’ and MSM’s Obama’s Tank Corps’ attacks on her will rise to new levels of intensity.

They know if they can destroy Palin, they’ll win the election.


Anonymous said...


Let's have more happy talk. Then we can talk about the happy talk and what he said, she said, what they meant, what they might have meant, what we heard, and on and on.

Every week another bank fails.

The auto industry wants a bail out - what say the candidates?

Afghanistan has never been conquered - what about "winning" there?

Are the candidates OK with continuing to buy less violence in Iraq to the tune of 3 billion dollars a week?

Who is for and who is against the draft to fill the ranks of our military which is spread very thinly around the planet and with new missions on the horizon?

Happy talk with a VP candidate is so nice. Well well.

Danvers said...

To:Anonymous @10.30

I personally hate anonymous posters! Even though I post pseudonymously, JiC knows who I am. Pity the same cannot be said about you.

I do, however, agree whole heartedly with the contents of your post. Unfortunately it is stupidly misdirected! JinC is, in case you hadn't noticed, a personal blog, not a mainstream news channel or newspaper. As such, the writer may post on whatever subject he chooses.

The MSM have no such luxury; although they feel that it is their constitutional right to use the first amendment to do exactly what you accuse JinC of doing.

Perhaps you should be sending copies of your post to....... CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, NYTimes, WaPo, Raleigh N&O, Durham HS, Sacrament Bee and every other 'rag' out there.

But then, you probably support their gutter partisan politics, insulting personal smears, personal agendas and obvious biases as long as they are not directed towards HR Obamaness and all things liberal.

If you don't like the topics JinC covers - go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...
‘McClatchy chief resigns from controlling trusts’

McClatchy Watch:
[CEO] Gary Pruitt emerges!... denies resignation from family trusts is a prelude to anything-

MNI stock: $3.39
“Slip Sliding Away,
Slip Sliding Away”
And, who really cares?

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 10:30 PM via JnC -

First, one of your facts is a little off: banks are not failing weekly. As for a draft, that is one thing we should not do. Troops in a draft army just become canon fodder. I would, however, consider bringing back the state militias. The volunteer army we have developed has been performing just magnificently, thank you.

Secondly, we are in the midst of electing the next President of the United States. The behavior of the candidates when faced with adversity sometimes tells us how they will perform as President. So "happy talk" and "not so happy talk" are not necessarily out of order in such circumstances. Indeed, St. Barack's performance this week suggest that he's been rattled, and easily so, by Gov. Palin. If that's all it takes to rattle him, what will happen when he faces a real crisis?

Jack in Silver Spring