Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here's Obama's "Can't send an email" attack ad

We're told by Sen. Obama's legions of MSM reporter-supporters he's brilliant.

They also tell us he's put together a brilliant campaign team, a sign of his brilliant executive ability and judgment.

So why in heavens' name did Obama and his team put out an attack ad that mocks Sen. McCain for not sending emails when its well-known it's painful for McCain to use a keyboard because of the injuries caused by the torture he endured while a POW?

How could they not have known what's in this post: Obama's mocking of McCain's POW disability?

Here's Obama's mocking ad.


Anonymous said...

Let's see. St. Barack and his brilliant staff of campaign advisors recently complained (actually they whined)that McCain was just making personal attacks instead of addressing "the issues." Based on the recent teevee ads for The Anointed One, I guess "the issues" concern email and computer use. Gosh, I just can't wait for St. Barack to be canonized--I mean inaugurated.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Obama keeps looking worse.

Nancy Pelosi says he's the candidate God gave us.

Repent America!

We need McCain

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, the way to win the hearts and minds of military veterans, is to attack the disabilities of a former POW.

It may be the conjured-up halo that used to hover over the head of the brilliant one, was actually a tarnished circle of flag pins from the 57th state, and it fell down on his head and rendered him brainless.

NC4MP said...

"Nancy Pelosi says he's the candidate God gave us."

A sign from Heaven, perhaps, as to why America should abandon the Democratic Party.

I suspect that this ads will be one of the biggest things historians point back to, when explaining why Obama didn't win this election.


Anonymous said...


The e-mail ad shows an incredible lack of good taste. Which audience does Obama think he is going to reach with the ad?

What a loser.


Anonymous said...

John -

OT - Here is what is termed "a devastating video" connecting St. Barack to William Ayers:

Jack in Silver Spring