Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama lashes out at McCain, Palin

Usually Sen. Obama’s MSM Tank Corps claim he's “responding to attacks” from critics.

The critics, as the Tank Corps' stories usually spin it, “have lashed out at the Senator who wants to bring a new tone to politics and is refusing to engage in personal attacks on his opponents.”

Etc., etc. . . .

But now, one of Obama’s leading Tank Corps divisions, Agence France Presse, fires this "news":

Barack Obama ripped into John McCain and Sarah Palin as never before Monday, accusing his Republican White House foes of "shameless" dishonesty with their claim to be "mavericks" ready to shake up Washington.

McCain and Palin were "lying about their records," the Obama campaign said after the Republican running mates advertised themselves in a television spot as the "original mavericks" who would stand up for hard-pressed voters. . . .
"I've got to admit, these folks are shameless," Obama told a rally here, displaying a passion and an intensity rarely seen from the Illinois senator. . . .
The rest of AFP’s story’s here.

Does AFP expect intelligent people to believe the meme about Obama's "passion and an intensity rarely seen?"

Sen. Obama was hugely passionate and intense after his racist, anti-American friend and pastor of almost 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, said he was “just another politician.”

Remember Obama's obvious upset when he said Wright was not “respecting” him.

Obama was also obviously passionate and intense when he publicly disowned Wright, something he'd said just weeks before in Philadelphia he could no more do than disown the black people.

I could cite other examples but you get the idea.

The entire AFP story's here.

BTW – When will journalists such as Maureen Dowd, Barry Saunders, Andrew Sullivan and Elizabeth Bumiller start insisting Sen. And Mrs. Obama answer questions about their long-term close friendships and activist relationships with Wright, terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felons Kwame Kilpatrick and Tony Rezko?