Saturday, September 13, 2008

Posting schedule, comments, and Ike


I'm traveling today and part of tomorrow.

Blogging resumes tomorrow, Sunday, at 11 AM.

I've printed out the comments I've received this week online and will respond to many of them in my first post tomorrow.

I'll also be posting tomorrow on Gibson's self-righteous, ambush interview of Gov. Palin; the Raleigh N&O's Anything for Obama "reporting" of the interview; and some of the latest on the Duke Hoax, frame-up attempt and ongoing cover-up of same.

And more.

I hope those of you in areas hit by Ike stay safe. You are in the thoughts and prayers of millions of us.

We'll also be looking for ways we can help. I'll be posting on that in the coming days.

I'll see you all tomorrow morning.



Anonymous said...

John, No wonder the dead wood media is dying. Note the date. When ‘widdle’ broken hearts are considered newsworthy, not much is happening for this guy. What a waste of ink!
The Chronicle

editor's note
By: David Graham, editor
Posted: 9/11/08

“I've been going through a bit of a tough time in a romantic relationship recently. Now, I'm not looking for pity (although I'm not saying I'd turn it down). Mostly. it just means that I've been looking for some sort of a coping mechanism, and that's what I want to write about.”

Anonymous said...

Dear John:

Two bits of information. I stayed up to watch SNL last night. It is stru ethat Tina Fey is a dead on for Sarah Palin and I though for the most part her routine was well done althought the remarks about the Bush doctrine (obviously an adlib) were uncalled for and untrue. However, while the McCain-Palin team was unmercifully skewered in the various skits....there was nothing at all (at least through the second musical offering of the guest musician - at which point I turned it off)about Obama or Biden.

Additionally, the Today show this morning led off with the Palin comment about the Bush doctrine (the female host of the Today show thought that when she saw Fey in the make-up room prior to the show that it as in fact Palin) and played clips from the sketch that skewered Palin with comments about how she (Fey) had perfectly captured Palin and her views. Just reinforces the idea that NBC and MSNBC are in the tank for Obama.
cks (Catherine Schildknecht)

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. After 4 days in my home (which was undamaged) without power (but I was not truly roughing it because I still had water) I had to travel to my daughter's ... partly because I missed the internet.

Now that I've caught up a bit, I'll head back home soon.