Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sitemeter's massive bungle delays blogging

Many bloggers, me included, have depended on Sitemeter for statistics and other services.

Sitemeter decided to go for “new and improved.” Last evening it began a “migration” which has confused, frustrated and impaired the work of many bloggers.

I’ve spent about 6 hours last night and this morning trying to set my services straight. Things still aren’t right.

Blogging has been delayed.

Ann Althouse says of Sitemeter:

This is the worst non-improvement of a website I've ever seen. "Seen" is an exaggeration. I feel like I can't even can't see the new charts. It is ugly and unreadable. The statistics were once so clear and sharply presented, featuring the information that was most useful to the blogger.

I was willing to pay $30 a month for the premium service. Now, premium service is only $6.95 a month, but I'll probably drop it, because I never want to lay eyes on that horrible website again.
You get the idea.

I’m hearing the same and worse from other bloggers.

According to one Sitemeter “apparently they never saw fit to get one real fan to sit down and try to use it. Anyone would have told them it was a huge screw-up.”

I wonder whether Sitemeter are the same people who made Obama's "Can't send an email" ad.