Sunday, September 14, 2008

When you read the NY Times editorials

The Anything for Obama NY Times' editorial board is in full-throated cry trashing Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin. The Times'editors would have us believe the two are by turns dumb, dishonest and dangerous

So what else has the Times editorial board been doing for its readers?

Well, not too long ago it urged them to elect Eliot Spitzer Governor of New York. There was nothing new about the Times' enthusiatic support for Spitzer. It had supported him editorially for years.

Then Democrat Spitzer got caught in a prostitution scandal and had to resign his office.

There was also former New Jersey Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey, forced to resign his office when he got caught up in a sex scandal, part of which involved McGreevey's using taxpayer money meant for terrorist protection activities to give his gay lover a high-paying, basically no-show job.

The Times was a big supporter of McGreevey.

On the other hand, the Times thundered its opposition to the judicial appointments of Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samual Alito.

Neither man, according to the Times, was fit to hold the positions of public trust to which President Bush appointed them subject to the Senate's consent.

I wish the Times wasn't so loud and nasty in its editorial attacks on McCain and Palin. (I also wish there were fewer attacks on them in the Times' "news columns.")

But as someone planning to vote the McCain-Palin ticket, at least I can take the Times' opposition to them as a reassuring sign.

And, hey, that's without ever recalling the Times' consistant ridicule and denuncitation of President Reagan.


Anonymous said...

John -

The NYT has a long history of foot in mouth disease. I understand there is a Pulitzer Prize sitting in the NYT's lobby awarded to Willie Durante for his reporting from Moscow and about the glowing things he said about Papa Joe (Stalin). It has since been learned that Durante was on the take from Stalin, but do you think the NYT acknowledges that or gives back the Pulitzer? So, as the barkeeper said in Casablanca, I am just shocked, shocked about what the NYT is doing (tongue removed from cheek).

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

Jack in Silver Spring: Trivia point--wasn't it the police commissioner (Claude Rains) who had the "shocked" line in Casablanca?
The putz-ula prize for Duranty's fawning coverage of--and cover for--Stalin was a disgrace. Any decent newspaper would have long ago disowned Duranty and his ilk. Instead, the Slimes has hired on a herd of Duranty-clones and continues to disinform the American public on a daily basis.
Tarheel Hawkeye