Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

If you haven't seen this McCain ad featuring an Iraq vet talking directly into the camera telling Sen. Obama why he's wrong to call the Iraq War "a mistake," be sure to view it. The ending is especially powerful.

Obama, Team Obama and Obama-MSM's counters should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

I hope they run this a lot. I'm tried of everyone running away from the issue of the Iraq War. Just because the Dems and the press say it (say it, and say it) was a "mistake." Does not make it so!

Anonymous said...

I was wishing this was an official McCain campaign ad and would be widely aired but at Youtube there is a post that states it is not and John McCain would not use an American soldier for personal or political gain. He honors them as we all should.

I'll be emailing it to everyone in by address book.