Friday, September 12, 2008

Five Presidents, ABC's Gibson & Gov. Palin on God

The video below has clips of former Presidents FDR, HST, IKE, JFK, and Reagan, Alaska's Gov. Palin and a supremely self-important, badgering network news anchor talking about God and America.

Please give the video a look if you care about America and worry about where the academic left and the liberal/leftist media are dragging it.

Then I hope you'll pass on links to friends.

BTW - When ABC anchor Charles Gibson insists he's quoting Palin's "exact words," he's wrong.

Hat tip: AC


Wayne said...

Great find, I've republished an article from Michael Reagan Sarah Palin Emerges As New Ronald Reagan and linked to your post.

Anonymous said...

Gibson is just another fatuous and opinionated buffoon with delusions of adequacy. The Barracuda ate his lunch.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much John for putting this video together. Like you I am very unnerved by the media's bias. I will use this information as a tool to hopefully persuade my family and friends that she is not a right-wing nut. They seem to think Republican is synonymous with war mongering, religious, control freak. It's sad how easily they are swayed by the media.
cari c.