Thursday, September 25, 2008

What are presidential polls saying now?

As you’d expect, Sen. Obama’s enthusiastic MSM Tank Corps is hyping the recent WaPo/ABC poll showing him with a 9 point lead over Sen. McCain.

And we’re not hearing much of this:

New polls show the presidential race tightening. A Washington Post/ABC News poll has Obama leading by single digits. But an NPR poll shows that McCain is leading by two points.

"We have to take all numbers with a huge grain of salt,"'s chief political correspondent John Dickerson tells Alex Chadwick. He reads between the numbers and discusses whether we can expect a "historic debate moment."
You can read all of what Dickerson has to say here.

At today @ 1 PM ET Obama’s hold’s an RCP Average lead over McCain of 3.5%.

Here are results of the three most recent polls listed at RCP which include polling completed through yesterday, Sept. 24: Rasmusssen Obama +3; Hotline/FD Obama +4; and Battleground McCain +1.

There are ebbs and flows in every campaign.

As a McCain supporter, I wasn’t popping champagne a few weeks back when he began opening a lead and I’m not hanging crepe now.

It’s a long way to November.

What the polls are telling us now is there’s still a race to be run and won between now and then.


Archer05 said...

John, No surprise here:
"Countrywide Made Home Loans to Gorelick, Mudd"

The Wall Street Journal, by GLENN R. SIMPSON

Now we know why she is the perfect person to represent Duke. The more she personally knows about the dereliction of duty, and covering it up, the better armed Duke thinks she is for the battle against the honest young men. Justice must be served on several levels yet, Nifong is still just a start for me.

Archer05 said...

Polls, polls, and damn polls- What answer to you want? 53% believe Friday night debate should go forward.

Yes, yes, repeating the same old talking points about the economy is more important than actually doing something about it.

Politians, politicians, and damn politicians, my answer is still Term Limits.
Political humor: Obama got his 3:00 a.m. call this week and went back to chewing gum while he slept, proving he can do two things at one time.

Anonymous said...

Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire

Looks like Obama will get his wish to ratchet up Afghanistan some more and go after the Pakkies as well.

Anonymous said...

What about your prediction that McCain would take NC by over 10 points? Were you perhaps popping some champagne prematurely? What are the recent NC polls saying?

Anonymous said...

Troll spotted at 8:18.

As usual goes by Anon.

Best guess - Troll is a big Barney Frank fan whose fine with Wright's sermons.