Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morrissey on Omama's partnering with terrorist Ayers

If you haven't yet read Stanley Kurtz' WSJ op-ed today detailing the close partnering of Sen. Barack Obama and terrorist Bill Ayers when they led the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, you'll find a link to it and my commentary in this post: Obama & Ayers: A downright close relationship.

Ed Morrissey has an outstanding post up in response to Kurtz' op-ed.

Here's some of what Morrissey says - - -

... However, Kurtz’ report provides a very interesting look at the early political life of Barack Obama. He had already entered politics at the time he joined the CAC, and even at that stage had allied himself with ACORN, which has found itself at the center of more than a dozen voter-fraud investigations.

Obama also allied himself with Ayers and helped the former Weather Underground fugitive push forward with his plans to radicalize an entire generation of schoolchildren in the area through the CAC.

Note well the parallels to community organizing that play out in the activities of the CAC, and recall again how Obama claims that activity as a major qualification for the presidency.

Ayers wanted teachers trained to instruct against “oppression” and to push schoolchildren towards political beliefs Ayers valued — apparently valuing them higher than actual education.

Barack Obama agreed, and for several years worked in close partnership with Ayers to implement that educational policy. Even had Ayers never tossed a single bomb, this kind of educational philosophy would likely raise eyebrows with most parents, who desire a real education for their children and not some sort of political indoctrination camp.

With the context of Ayers’ violent radicalism, however, it makes the CAC even worse — a breeding ground for future Weathermen, ready to follow Ayers’ lead when the time comes for the revolution that Ayers and his wife (and co-terrorist) Bernardine Dohrn to this day desire.

Barack Obama not only supported this, he helped run this program for several years. (emphasis added)

What does that say about Obama’s idea of mainstream, as he has repeatedly described Ayers and Dohrn? What does that say about his own politics, his own ideas on education, and what kind of philosophy he brings to American politics? ...

Morrissey's entire post's here.


Anonymous said...


Republicans Allege McCain Covered Up His Collaboration with the North Vietnamese While a POW

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet. Posted September 21, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Chicago is so full of radical, far leftwing loonies and thieves, it would be a miracle for anyone to come up in the Democrat Party WITHOUT being in bed with one (or more) of the crypto-communists/crooks. (I know whereof I speak--I was a Federal investigator in Chicago 1968-75.) What is bothersome is the MSM's reluctance to ask pertinent questions of St. Barack. I guess they're too preoccupied with Sarah Palin's private life. Wait, didn't the MSM say we shouldn't be prying into Bill Clinton's private life when he was being fellated in the Oval Office by a subordinate female employee?? Hmmm. Sauce for the gander?
Tarheel Hawkeye