Friday, September 26, 2008

Law prof: "Doing My Patriotic Duty"


Here’s a Volokh Conspiracy post by George Mason University School of Law professor David Bernstein that I’m glad to pass on to you.

I hope you follow the prof’s advice. My thanks go to JinC Regular AC who passed it to me.



Doing My Patriotic Duty:

As co-blogger Jonathan reports below, the Obama campaign has sicced its lawyers on t.v. stations that might air a well-sourced NRA advertisement that correctly points out Obama's longstanding anti-gun record.

The proper response to such attempts to infringe on the First Amendment is to make sure that the video in question receives the widest circulation possible, to deter the Obama campaign, and other campaigns for that matter, from engaging in such tactics in the future.

So here it is. Share it with a friend, with a note that Obama is threatening legal action against stations that run it, in violation of the First Amendment.


Archer05 said...

“FactCheck’s September 22, 2008, report (snip)
....FactCheck itself, though, has [overstated its claims, and made several errors]…..
I have seen obvious errors at both FactCheck and Snopes bordering on outright partisan politics. I say yet again, read these sites with caution.

They are very selective in which urban legends they choose to debunk, and the information they consider pertinent to their debunking decisions.

Checking with them may only mean checking with yet another 'Tanked' source, IMO.

Anonymous said...

St. Barack has gone on the record numerous times showing his contempt for the second amendment. He has given strong support to anti-gun legislation while serving in the Illinois Senate, only voting "present" on issues that he considered unimportant. It should surprise no one that his campaign is bringing legal action against media outlets that have the temerity to air the NRA spots. He has had MSM cover for his lies about being a supporter of the individual right to arms--not a single "news" organ has been honest enough to report the facts. And it is crystal clear the St. Barack is lying through his teeth when he claims to be a believer in the second amendment. When election time comes, rest assured that gun owners will vote. Any politician who won't accept the second amendment is clearly saying the other nine are expendable as well. The founding fathers included the second amendment so that we the people would have the means of controlling the likes of Barack Hussein Obama.
Tarheel Hawkeye