Monday, September 22, 2008

God, Patriotism, and Joe Biden

The Wall Street Journal editorializes today - - -

Joe Biden isn't backing down from his startling claim last week that raising taxes on the rich is the "patriotic" thing to do. On Thursday he upped the ante, thundering that he also has Jesus in his corner.

"Catholic social doctrine as I was taught it is, you take care of people who need the help the most," Mr. Biden preached to a group of union supporters on Thursday.

Heavens! The political left likes to score Republicans for claiming that God is on their side, but here we have Mr. Biden claiming support from both God and Caesar. If Sarah Palin tried this, she'd send the boys at the Daily Kos into cardiac arrest. . . .
The rest of WSJ’s editorial’s here.


Catholic social doctrine, as I learned about, included a lot of charity work and financial giving.

Many cities in the North with large Catholic populations contain major medical centers built, for the most part, through charitable giving.

The same is true of parochial school systems, and Catholic colleges and universities across the country.

Did you know there’s an outstanding Catholic high school in New York City, Regis, that’s entirely a scholarship school. Think of the charitable giving needed to sustain such a school.

And what about Sen. Biden’s own charitable giving?

The WSJ editorial ends:

By the way, Mr. Biden and his wife recently released their tax returns, and they reported an average of $380, or 0.2% of their income, in annual charitable contributions over a 10-year period. The national average was about 2% of income.
Folks, I don’t want to sound mean-spirited, especially when I’m talking about charity, but I’ve got to tell you Biden seems to be just another liberal big-spender of other people’s money.


Anonymous said...

It leaves me breathless when Joe "Kinnock" Biden uses Catholic doctrine selectively. While he never would have the cojones to say that Catholic doctrine says one shouldn't murder the unborn, he has no problem whatever with using his "faith" to make a political point. Hypocrisy thy name is Joe Biden!!
Tarheel Hawkeye