Sunday, September 21, 2008

More about Democrat Al Franken

This morning I posted Franken involved in SNL’s McCain ridicule.

The short of it: Liberal activist, Obama supporter and Minnesota Democratic senatorial candidate Al Franken was involved in a NBC Saturday Night Live skit ridiculing Sen. John McCain. The post includes a video of the skit.

A few minutes ago I came upon Powerline’s Scott Johnson’s post “Comedian, Satirize Thyself.” Here’s part of it:

Last night's sketch serves up the party line of the Democratic/Media Complex about John McCain's allegedly nasty and false campaign advertising. I noted a few days ago in "How low can you go for Al Franken?" that Franken's buddies at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are running one of the dirtiest ads I've ever seen on behalf of Franken himself.

The DSCC ad all but accuses Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman of killing Army National Guard Major Stuart Anderson in Iraq in January 2006.

Franken is the angry liberal scourge of corporate America who didn't get around to paying the taxes he owed in at least 17 states. This year he wrote checks totaling some $70,000 in taxes and penalties to the various states in which he had taxes owing since 2003.

Franken finally got around to paying the taxes only when his nonpayment was exposed in the course of the current campaign.

In his business capacity, Franken has also somehow overlooked the little man for whom he purports to wage his political battles. Franken was found to owe a $25,000 penalty to the New York State Workers' Compensation Board for failing to carry workers' compensation insurance for employees of his namesake corporation from 2002 to 2005.

New York officials who made numerous attempts to contact Franken about the worker's compensation matter since April 2005 never received a reply. Franken campaign spokesman Andy Barr said that neither Franken nor his wife Franni were aware of the matter before it was exposed in the course of the campaign in March of this year.

Now that's funny, as are the efforts of Franken's campaign to lie on his behalf about his contribution to the show last night.

Johnson’s entire post’s here.



Yes, Franken bills himself as a scourge of corporate America.

That’s why, he tells campaign audiences, he’s a member of the party “that fight’s for the little guy.”

That’s funny, too, because if Franken was a Republican, MSM would have chewed him alive long ago and the GOP would have dumped him.

Franken owes his current status as a U. S. Senate candidate to the fact he’s a Dem.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I do not agree with Biden that paying taxes is patriotic.

Look at how our money has been wasted. It is not in our interest to support the government with more of our earned money just for them to throw it away or lavish on their friends.

Finally, Al Franken has done something I can support - not paying his taxes. Too bad he got caught.