Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MSM: “straight-out propagandists for the Obama”

Washington Times editor Tony Blankley today begins - - -

The mainstream media have gone over the line and are now straight-out propagandists for the Obama campaign.

While they have been liberal and blinkered in their worldview for decades, in 2007-08, for the first time, the major media consciously are covering for one candidate for president and consciously are knifing the other. This is no longer journalism; it is simply propaganda. (The American left-wing version of the Völkischer Beobachter cannot be far behind.)

And as a result, we are less than seven weeks away from possibly electing a president who has not been thoroughly or even halfway honestly presented to the country by our watchdogs -- the press.

The image of Obama that the press has presented to the public is not a fair approximation of the real man. They consciously have ignored whole years of his life and have shown a lack of curiosity about such gaps, which bespeaks a lack of journalistic instinct. …

The mainstream media ruthlessly and endlessly repeat any McCain gaffes while ignoring Obama gaffes. You have to go to weird little Web sites to see all the stammering and stuttering that Obama needs before getting out a sentence fragment or two.

But all you see on the networks is an eventually clear sentence from Obama. You don't see Obama's ludicrous gaffe that Iran is a tiny country and no threat to us. Nor his 57 American states gaffe. Nor his forgetting, if he ever knew, that Russia has a veto in the U.N. Nor his whining and puerile "come on" when he is being challenged.

This is the kind of editing one would expect from Goebbels' disciples, not Cronkite's.

More appalling, a skit on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" last weekend suggested that Gov. Palin's husband had sex with his own daughters. That show was written with the assistance of Al Franken, Democratic Party candidate in Minnesota for the U.S. Senate. Talk about incest.

But worse than all the unfair and distorted reporting and image projecting are the shocking gaps in Obama's life that are not reported at all.

The major media simply have not reported on Obama's two years at New York's Columbia University, where, among other things, he lived a mere quarter-mile from former terrorist Bill Ayers. Later, they both ended up as neighbors and associates in Chicago. Obama denies more than a passing relationship with Ayers.

Should the media be curious? In only two weeks, the media have focused on all the colleges Gov. Palin has attended, her husband's driving habits 20 years ago, and the close criticism of the political opponents Gov. Palin had when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

But in two years, they haven't bothered to see how close Obama was with the terrorist Ayers.

Nor have the media paid any serious attention to Obama's rise in Chicago politics. How did honest Obama rise in the famously sordid Chicago political machine with the full support of Boss Daley?

Despite the great -- and unflattering -- details on Obama's Chicago years presented in David Freddoso's new book on Obama, the mainstream media continue to ignore both the facts and the book.

It took a British publication, The Economist, to give Freddoso's book a review with fair comment.

The public image of Obama as an idealistic, post-race, post-partisan, well-spoken and honest young man with the wisdom and courage befitting a great national leader is a confection spun by a willing conspiracy of Obama, his publicist (David Axelrod) and most of the senior editors, producers and reporters of the national media.

Perhaps that is why the National Journal's respected correspondent Stuart Taylor wrote, "The media can no longer be trusted to provide accurate and fair campaign reporting and analysis."

That conspiracy not only has Photoshopped out all of Obama's imperfections (and dirtied up his opponent McCain's image) but also has put most of his questionable history down the memory hole. …

Blankley’s entire column’s here. I hope you read it all.

It would be reassuring to be able to say Blankley has overstated the extent to which almost all of MSM’s tanked for Obama.

But if anything, Blankley understates the propagandizing and covering up. Example: He doesn’t mention in any detail Sen. Obama’s almost 20 year relationship with the anti-white, anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright.


Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is on TV giving a speech. Maybe with all the MSM harping about Palin not being available to the press, some of Obama's focus groups work found people saying, "Nobody hears or sees much from Biden, and nobody even cares."

Anonymous said...

John, To even mention the ‘Whitey’ hating Rev. Wright make you a racists don’t you know?
Meanwhile, I thought this was humorous:

Newspaper hires fake Sarah Palin
By Michelle Malkin

The NY Daily News paid a Sarah Palin look-a-like to wander around the city and provoke reactions.
The Daily News must have been disappointed — because they loved the fake Sarah in The Big Apple as much as the real one.

Anonymous said...

Headline: Annenberg Foundation - FactCheck's primary fund source is a large contributor to gun control lobby
There have been countless articles and opinion pieces about the liberal bias of FactCheck and Snopes. Anyone not regarding their information with caution probably believes the NY Times is still the newspaper of record.

Need more information? is a hot search engine. Search Snopes liberal bias, and FactCheck liberal bias. You will see the many bloggers that cry foul, but don’t expect the liberal media to expose either or complain.

Anonymous said...

John -

Michael Gaynor at,

has a comment also quoting Stuart Taylor and says much the same thing Tony Blankley does. I sent my kids (ages 40 to 24) a link to Gaynor's column, with the subject line of the e-mail being: Why I don't read the main stream media.

Jack in Silver Spring