Friday, September 26, 2008

Dionne today: What must liberals think?

The Washington Post Writers Group’s E. J. Dionne, Jr. is sometimes called “the thinking liberal’s pundit.”

Today Dionne tires to blame Sen. McCain for the White House and Congress’ failure to reach a deal on the current financial mess. Dionne ends with this:

[Rep. Barney] Frank [D-Mass.] did not need McCain to make him bipartisan, and he grumbled before yesterday's White House gathering that it was a mere "photo op." After the meeting, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) called it "political theater" that may have stalled an agreement.
While many in both parties contributed to the current mess, Frank and Dodd played – I’ve got to use the word – prime roles it bringing it about.

When I see and hear those two blaming everyone on the R side and then learn they’re "working on the bailout,” I get the feeling a bank teller must have gotten when he saw Jesse and Frank James walking up to his window.

Can you believe Dionne used Dodd and Frank to bolster his “blame McCain” column.

What must liberals think?


Anonymous said...

The Democrats leaders have told us for 8 years that Bush is an idiot and has done everything wrong from the war to Katrina but now they've found something they have to do because the President wants it done! Not surprising it involves 700 billion dollars. My head may explode.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD, last I heard Congressional Republicans have opposed the bailout.

If the Democrats want to rubber stamp the Wall Street Bailout they have the votes to do it. They will be throwing us and their political future away. From what I have seen 99% of Americans, and clear thinking political leaders, of the R variety, are against the bailout.

The extreme left and the extreme right seem to be coming together to destroy us.

Let's see if John McCain will support US or the corruption that got us into this mess.