Saturday, July 05, 2008

Who’s Obama really fooling?

Have you been asking yourself that lately?

Tigerhawk takes up the question and has some fun with it at the expense of the NY Times’ editorial board. (what more deserving group?) I offer a few comments below the star line.

Tigerhawk begins - - -

When Barack Obama asks us to believe in one of his changes, it is never quite clear whether the rubes to be fooled are the Great Unwashed who agree with the Flop or the naifs who agreed with the Flip. The eternal question always is, "who are the rubes"?Well, in what is obviously a gust-busting turn, the editors of the New York Times are beginning to worry that they are the rubes.

In this morning's lead editorial ("New and Not Improved"), they detail and denounce many of Obama's post-Hillary pivots to the center. As their irritation builds, I'm thinking that there are only three positions that could explain this editorial.

First, that the editors genuinely believe that Obama could win the general election with his primary season policy ideas. It is believable that they think this because they live inside a Manhattan cocoon, but silly.

Second, that the editors would rather that Obama lose than compromise his principles. This seems unlikely in the cold light of a November morning, however satisfying it might feel to spew such romantic drivel on the Fourth of July.

Or, third, the editors know that Obama's pivots will be much more believable to the swing voters if the Times denounces them. This theory holds that the editors are pretending to be outraged so as to further deceive the rubes who prefer the Flop to the Flip.It is so hard to know which explanation to believe.

The rest of Tigerhawk’s post is here.

I think “the real” Obama is closer to the man we saw in primary/causus time going left than the man we’re seeing now moving toward the center. But I could be wrong.

I’ll be interested to hear from your all on the question but the persons whose honest opinions I’d really like to hear are Mrs. Obama’s and Rev. Wright’s.

BTW – Have you noticed all the Obama supporters on the Left who are saying they believe Obama’s recent moves to the center are just intended to mislead voters? They say he'll repudiate those positions after the election. So just about all the Left continues to support him.

Aren't those people now saying, in effect, they can support this new pro-FISA, gun-friendly, maybe-not-pull-out-of-Iraq-when-I-said-we-would Obama because they think/hope he's lying now?

And they're the very people who've been saying for years they don't like President Bush because he lied to them.


Anonymous said...

John -

With Obama flip-flopping almost weekly, why would anyone trust him in office? No one today can know what his policies will be next week. I think that should give everyone pause(even Democrats and even the NYT) about electing him. Then of course, there is the ongoing question yet to be addressed about his association with Ayers and Dohrn.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Jack in SS, but we must remember that there is a great imponderable out there. The so-called "Y Generation." Coupled with the hard-Left, these naive university types could turn the election for Mr. Obama; they aren't the least concerned with truth, fact, or reality. They have made up their collective little minds that Mr. Obama (perhaps I should say Saint Obama?) is the only person on this planet who can be the next president, and if the GOP, the Independents, and the Democrats with brains don't get out the vote, we're in for a rocky four-year presidency that will make Jimmy Carter look like Teddy Roosevelt. The apparent inability of John McCain to actually RUN for the office is also frightening.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Archer05 said...

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