Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Responding to Readers & Commenters on July 1, 2008


Recently I’ve not responded to comments as often as I’d like.

I'm sorry for that.

The past 10 weeks or so have involved heavy travel and other commitments; the next 10 or so will be the same.

I continue to read the comments and, as you’ve seen, a number of main page posts were prompted by comments one or some of you made or by heads-up you provided.

I thank you for your civil and thoughtful comments.

That said, I’ll try to comment more often on the threads.

I’ve not read all the articles, posts, etc you've linked to, but I’ve set aside time to read some of them this July 4 weekend. It will be a “quite time” for me because everyone in my immediate family except our son and youngest grandson will be out there in the “wide, wide world” far from Durham.

For those of you new to JinC, I’ll say it again: much of the best commentary at this blog is on the threads. Be sure to give them a look.

I hope you keep visiting.