Thursday, July 03, 2008

“No shame” and other terms for Sen.Tom Harkin

Yesterday I posted Tom Harkin belongs on your "No Shame" list.

The short of it: Sen. Tom Harkin, a staunch supporter of Sen. Barack (“Don’t question my patriotism.”) Obama attacked Sen. John McCain’s and his family’s military service. Democrat Harkin said their service makes McCain look “pretty dangerous.” Harkin himself had been exposed in 1992 for making fraudulent claims about his own military service including that he had served in combat in Vietnam when he had not.

I want to respond to part of one of the comments. Commenter’s in italics; I’m in plain.

So let me understand this. According to Senator Harkin, since Sen. McCain has "seen military service and [has] family ties to the military [that gives] him a "pretty dangerous" outlook and [makes] him less suitable as president."

But "when [Harkin] hears [criticism of Sen. Kerry] coming from Dick Cheney, who Harkin says was ‘a coward,’ who would not serve during the Vietnam War, it makes [Harkin’s ] blood boil."

So being in the military is a negative if you are a Republican and not being in the military is a negative if you are a Republican. I would hardly use the appellation "No shame" for Sen. Harkin; I would think, "incoherent" or "addled-brained" is the better term.

Thanks, Commenter, for an excellent deconstruction of Harkin’s remarks. “Incoherent” and “addled-brained” sure fit them.

But with all of that, he still belongs on your "No shame" list.


Archer05 said...

On the web:

A black singer surprised everyone when she sang ‘The Black National Anthem.’

Obama chimes in on song debate: 'We only have one National Anthem'
(This little black jingle is not the Anthem I knew!)

Anonymous said...

What is/are Obama's view(s) about whether to put your hand over your heart when the National Anthem is played?

Anonymous said...

John -

Thanks for posting my comment about Sen. Harkin. Sometimes I say things with tongue in cheek. Of course, Sen. Harkin belongs on the No Shame list, but he's not at the top. For the moment, that honor belongs to Rep. Jack Murtha.

Jack in Silver Spring

Archer05 said...

I wonder if this would ever happen again?
September 25, 2006
Gen. Clark to Speak at [‘Veterans] for Murtha’ Rally in Johnstown, PA

Wesley(McCain’s record be damned) Clark
John (Our soldiers are murderers) Murtha
Both men have disgraced themselves for political reasons. Two has-been hacks in the same place at the same time, certainly some sort of pollution device would kick into action.