Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama’s surrogates attack McCain’s military service

Blog friend Mike Williams writes - - -

Obama surrogate, General Wesley Clark, U.S. Army (Ret.), trashed John McCain’s military service yesterday on CBS’s Face the Nation. Ed Morrissey has the details

The mil bloggers are wondering, “When do you move from ‘retired senior officer’ to ‘
political hack?’”

At the NRO, Jim Geraghty observes:

After statements by a half-dozen high-profile Democrats and Obama surrogates, you cannot persuade me that there is not a concerted effort on the part of Obama Democrats to criticize McCain on his war record.

George McGovern, Jay Rockefeller, Tom Harkin, Democratic congressional candidate Bill Gillespie, Ed Schultz, Tony McPeak, and now Clark.

Way too many to be coincidence.

We're seeing a lot more derisive comments about McCain's wartime service than we are about Obama's race….



Senator Obama wants us all to “lay off my wife,” by which he means don’t ask her whether she ever discussed with him what the Anything for Obama media flacks call “the fiery sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright,” sermons most Americans would recognize as racist and anti-American.

But his surrogates can go ahead and denigrate Senator McCain’s heroic service to America.

Of course, Obama will be careful to say he has nothing to do with the belittling of McCain’s military service.

He's a new kind of politician who's above any seamy, slimey, shameful stuff.

If you don't believe that, just ask Chicago's Mayor Daley or Obama's long-time friend Tony Rezko.


Anonymous said...

John -

Is this what Obama means by change? The same old same old Democrat technique of denigrating your opponent, in this case John McCain who served most honorably and who would not abandon his fellow warriors when given the opportunity to do so. Given Obama's thin skin, I wonder if he would have stayed in the POW camp or would have thrown his fellow warriors under the bus when given the opportunity to do so?

Jack in Silver Spring

Louis said...

JinC have you seen Victor Hanson's Margaret Thatcher Lecture to the Heritage Foundation? It one of his best works.

Anonymous said...

What else can one expect from Wesley Clark? On the one hand he denigrates McCain stating that he has no command in which he had to make hard decisions regarding foreign and military policy. Yet on the other, when questioned about Obama's lack of qualifications he dismisses McCain' s military service as saying that flying a plane does not really qulify one. A sort of two handed slap at McCain.
Clark is trying to insinuate himself into a cabinet position since he could not garner the support for a run at the White House himself. His smarmy comments do not help Obama's cause. Someone in the Obama campaign should insist that Clark muffle himself.

BillyB said...

Time to throw General Clark under the bus.

Mr. Obama is going to run out of supporters he hasn't distanced himself from before this election is over.

Anonymous said...

Clark is absolutely correct in saying McCain's combat flying time and POW status do not qualify him to be president. But when has McCain ever claimed that? That's called a "straw man" and it won't wash. Odd that Clark should make such a statement since he once claimed that Hillary Rodham's eight years as First Lady were great qualifications for the presidency. How did that clown ever get four stars?
Tarheel Hawkeye

Archer05 said...

Lucianne. Com - Headline comment-They usually get it right with humor.
The General's Big Mouth

The first of Obama's surrogates who actually crawled under the bus while it was moving.

Anonymous said...

TH via JnC -

Ditto and Clark is odd, so it is not odd of Clark to say the things he does.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

John -

Peter Wehner has a good piece in Commentary titled, Obama's Divisive Unity; it is at:

Jack in Silver Spring

Danny Vice said...

Wesley Clark trips all over himself every time he says anything, and does nothing more than make his liberal cohorts look like the power lusting, lying, manipulative flip floppers that they are.

Last go around, Clark crowed endlessly about Kerry’s service, and how horrible it was that anyone would doubt Kerry’s integrity. He held Kerry up as a hero and ABSOLUTELY advertised his service as a reason why Kerry was fit to be commander in chief.

Now he flip flops right on his face - as he usually does.

Conservatives flip flop from time to time, but they don’t throw any vet under the bus unless that vet is out there denigrating our troops - like Kerry did.

They are two peas in a pod.

Clark is a disgrace to the uniform and it’s a tragedy our soldiers and vets had to listen to him denigrate their service in such a way.

He had NO reason to even bring the issue up other than to attack something honorable about another man.

What a truly stupid man he is.

Danny Vice