Thursday, July 03, 2008

Obama, Ayers, Dohrn video: Don’t miss it.

LATEST READER ALERT @ 11:50 PM ET on 7/3: With a hat tip to Archer 05 it looks like if you paste this in:

you'll arrive at Powerline. Then follow my instructions below.


READER ALERT @10:30 PM ET on 7/3: The link to the video does not take you there. I can find one that does. A suggested alternative (thanks, Jack) doesn't get you there either.

I'm contacting the Powerline guys and hope to have a working link very soon. If any of you have one now, please send it one.

I'll erase this Alert once the problem's solved.

Thank you.


A Powerline reader put together a video highlighting Sen. Obama’s connections to terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernaadine Dohrn; then with voice over asking Obama three questions.

The video’s “cool,” “hot,” and not to be missed. It lasts 81 seconds.

To call it up after you get here and see the images of Ayers and Obama:

1) Click twice fast on the patch in the center of the screen.

2) Then click twice fast on the Play icon at the bottom left of the screen.

3) The screen goes dark for about 20 seconds; then the video begins.

I’d love to hear your reactions.

Hat tip: Mike Williams


Anonymous said...

John -

Your link seems a little off - the following is where the video can be found:

As for commenting on this, I've been asking the question about Obama's association with Ayers and Dohrn for quite a while. Unlike Obama's attendance in church, where his excuse might be that he slept through Wright's sermons, his association with Dohrn and Ayers I think is much more damming. As lawyers like to say, Obama knew or should have known about the Dohrn's and Ayers' backgrounds. For him not to have known (or to pretend not to have known) speaks volumes about his lack of qualification to be President of the United States.

Unless the blogs get this story out, the MSM will bury it because for them, St. Barack can do no evil.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

Just go to:

Look about halfway down the page for the video.

Anonymous said...

Would someone that knows about stocks go to

George Soros is buying and selling McClatchy stock.
Interesting? Just his name brings up red flags.

Another new low- 5.47

Also on that page, at the Buy/Sell item, see all the McClatchy brass that bailed out, and the date they sold. That doesn’t look encouraging.

Anonymous said...

John and Archer05, Tareheel Hawkeye, Ken in Dallas, and others -

One more thing - Happy fourth of July.

Jack in Silver Spring