Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Did the N&O sue for release of Carson autopsy report?

Commenters have asked that question recently.

The following is from N&O public editor Ted Vaden’s June 15, 2008 column -

Why does The News & Observer need to see Eve Carson's autopsy report? That was the question from several readers last week after they read stories about the paper's lawsuit to obtain the official autopsy report on the slain UNC student body president. Two Durham men have been charged in the killing.

The N&O asked a judge to order release of the report, which had been sealed at the request of the Orange/Chatham district attorney. On Wednesday, D.A. Jim Woodall said he would release the report June 30, by which time police are expected to have completed interrogations. The N&O withdrew the suit, conditional on that resolution. …

Vaden’s entire column’s here.

Here's a link to the N&O's story yesterday reporting on the autopsy report which was made public June 30.


Anonymous said...

Vaden doesn't give the full report.

The full autopsy report is here.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the N & O were reacting to local rumors that Eve Carson had been sexually assaulted.

I think they salivated about an opportunity to add further disgust and gore to a fading story.They will do anything to sell newspapers. Facts be damned!

How disappointed the N & O must have been when the autopsy did not provide them with stunning breaking news.

They have shown me their sleazy side so many times, I no longer give them the benefit of the doubt. Their slide into oblivion bothers me, NOT!

Anonymous said...

I could respect the determination of members of the press to get the whole truth if I could also respect their dedication to the truth. Or if there was any indication that the press exhibited any intellegence or descretion or respect as to things that should not be published.

On my list, it's hard to decide which group of "professionals" (as a group) I least respect, politicians, lawyers or members of the press.